How to Become a Local Business Marketing Expert as a Blogger

This is a guest post by Rana Shahbaz.

I am a huge fan of doing easy things because I believe to achieve success in any field you need to do quite a few things over a longer period consistently. For example, everybody knows how to build biceps and most of us love to have those as well. Actually it is not rocket science to build strong and big biceps.

However, where most people lack is consistency, because you can’t have big and strong biceps in a day or so. You need to push weights up and down (easy thing) consistently for a few months (difficult part).

Therefore, if you select the difficult route to success, chances are you can’t pursue that difficult activity over a longer period and if you do, it will not be enjoyable.

For example, if you are a football lover then it would be fun if you could pursue a football career because:

  • You can play longer hours.
  • You will not get sick of travelling and training.
  • You will be more passionate to achieve your goals.
  • Whole career and life will be enjoyable for you.

So the question is, as a blogger, what is easy and fun for you?

To me, the following things are easy:

  • Writing blog posts
  • Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • Creating blogs
  • Marketing
  • SEO

Why are these things are easy for me? Because they is my passion.

So why not offer the same things that you like to do and are easy for you to do for those people who need those services and are willing to pay good money for them. All you have to do is prove to them the following things:

  • You know what you do.
  • They can trust you (establish rapport with them).
  • You can show them results.

There is a huge opportunity out there to earn good money from your passion. Over 40% of small businesses have no online presence yet and with the introduction of local search, you can get them on top of Google easily for local search terms.

And trust me, once you manage to get regular income from doing things you enjoy, life changes. You can earn good money from your own blog, but it is getting harder and harder due to so much competition. And if you are just starting out, it is not an easy thing to earn a living over night from a website.

Most of the top bloggers are able to pursue blogging as a career because they have multiple streams of income. I am sure you can relate to it. Once you have few different sources of income, you will see a huge improvement, clarity and confidence in your writing.

Services You Can Offer

Now you might be thinking, what type of services you can offer to local businesses? Here is the small list of things you can offer to local businesses and position yourself as a local business marketing authority.

Simple website or blog creation: You can set up WordPress sites which are easy to deploy and maintain.

Blog / article writing: As a blogger you should be master of doing this! Offer this service to them to be their regular content creator.

Professional Facebook landing page creation: You can create their Facebook business page and, if they are willing, pay to get the extra personalization of the page design. You can get it done under a $100 easily.

Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn account creation: You can help them to create their presences on these sites – you can also offer your time to manage it once they have these social media properties.

Claim their Google places: You can help them to claim their Google places and optimize it for their keywords. You can charge good money only for doing this.

How to use social media consultation: After establishing the trust of happy customers, you can start offering full-time social media marketing consultation.

Search engine optimization: Most bloggers know basic SEO, or at least know how to get it done from third party. You can cash in on that as well.

Pay per click campaign management: For those people who require immediate results, you can offer them pay per click campaign management services as well and charge for it.

I am sure you can add to this list in the comments section below.

And the good news is that you don’t have to do all of the work listed above yourself. If you want to, there are services available where you can outsource most of the things very inexpensively.

Here is the Deal

Don’t go for every local business. Target those who can understand what you are offering and, most importantly, have money to pay. In my experience, you should start with service based businesses such as real estate agents, solicitors, accountants, restaurants, and similar.

Your Views

I am always interested in what you have to say about this business strategy for bloggers – feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below!

And I wish you a very happy and wealthy blogging journey. Don’t forget me when you become a local business marketing authority! :)

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    You are right! It is essential to find your core genius (the things you are good at AND love doing). If it is a challenge and struggle everyday to sit down and write it is going to be nearly impossible to achieve enough to reach success.

    The weight lifting analogy is quite a good one. Many people start out online and “lift weights” for a few hours a day for a couple of weeks. Then they do not see results and say it didn’t work.

    Enhoying what you do is about the only way you can make it long enough to realy achieve measurable success.
    Steve just posted I Need $1000! THE 30-Day Plan for Making Fast Internet Income

  2. says

    Hi Rana,

    This is of course great information and you’re right in saying that you can market to your local businesses with things that you can do in your sleep.

    But one thing that I felt lacked from this, is HOW to do that. I think a great follow-up article would be to tell people how to find those businesses and then how to approach them without being too ‘salesy’ or too forward.

    This is an inspiring post, though! Thank you for this!
    Morgan just posted Why Web Designers And Social Media Specialists Could Rule The World

  3. says

    Hi Rana,

    I second that in all the points. Passion is the fuel of the soul and without it, you can not have long term success. The analogy of the biceps is perfect.

    The problem is that not all bloggers have a business-mindset or the opposite is too business-pushy that annoy readers (obvious, this could not be a problem if business is your niche)

    I think that is lacking a call to action, make your services public everywhere :)


    Gera just posted CommentLuv Premium Plugin Review: 7 Reasons Why this Plugin Rocks

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    Rana, this is huge. It’s interesting, particularly in places where people are 5 years behind on tech. There are those places! I definitely live near one of them. We’ve been sitting here on the net, learning these technologies and promoting our own operations. A lot of us have a ton to offer to the folks who haven’t even begun to learn this stuff. I’ve done a bit of social media consulting, have done a lot of SEO for folks and am considering starting up with SEO again.

    Maybe I will because of you, Rana! Great post.

  5. says

    Thanks Rana for the above tips. It is very timely for me, actually for us because we are about to start a business website that showcases our expertise. It will cater to local businesses who doesn’t have any existing online presence. I think the challenge for us in this kind of business is that, how to explain to local businesses the positive effect of online presence and marketing and how it can help them to grow more and earn more.
    RonLeyba just posted Dress Up Games For Girls Who Love Fashion

  6. says

    Online, competition is fierce, so you either try to get a warm spot on a niche, or develop different skills and promote yourself. Nowadays it’s not enough to be able to do one thing better than other, it takes several skills to get you ahead in the Google search.

  7. says

    I agree, if you can find a niche within your passion, you’ll be much more successful. Doing something you enjoy is key to doing that thing well.

    There are a lot of things that one can be passionate about and work into a niche. Even things that aren’t local business services. If you love fantasy football, or perhaps you really enjoy the food at a local restaurant. You could blog about those topics and still find success.
    Richard just posted Make Money When Visitors Leave Your Site

  8. says

    I loved your article! It really made a lot of sense to me. Too many times we don’t follow our passion and end up running in circles. Everyone thinks you have to follow a specific model to make money. What you really need to do is be smart about following your passion. All of a sudden your work is no longer “work” but something you enjoy doing with your time. Time flies and your life is filled with everything you ever thought it should be.
    I would love a follow up on how to approach small businesses without appearing too salesish.
    Pam just posted Comment on Something Seems Fishy About My Homeowners Advocate and Impact Debt Settlement. – Josh by Educated One

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    Absolutely vital point and could not agree more with you. I think social media is no different than offline socializing. We often forget the word “social” in social media when we run after number of fans and followers without building any relationship.

    Building true relationships is the key here.

    Thanks for sharing really valid point.
    Rana Shahbaz – Google + Addict just posted Search Engine Optimisation – How to Start SEO Efforts as a Small Business Owner

  10. says

    WOW: “Over 40% of small businesses have no online presence yet”

    That presents a huge opportunity!

    There are indeed tons of ways you can turn an online passion into an additional stream of income by doing it for someone else. However, you need to be 100% competent at it yourself before offering the service to others. I think this is something some people forget
    Sandip just posted No Posts Were Found!

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    I think a lot of us are trying to be someone that we are not meant to be. Something like blogging is a passion but not everyone can turn it into their passion. That’s when the problem starts

  12. says

    The amount of methods there are now to increase local businesses profits, so many to mention. However a couple i have been using is creating mobile sites for businesses as google owns Motorola this has to the next biggest step to move forward. Also, selling keywords to companies. (i know, really odd. But in fact company owners just have the time to search how google keywords work) you can make some real quick cash doing this.
    Darren just posted Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

  13. says

    Rana, great article. I recently realized I was working too hard towards a niche in IT. It was taking me forever to get anything accomplished. I completely agree that an individual providing consistent value is more trustworthy and less stressed. Needless to say, I have given up on that avenue and instead find that IT Consulting and Web Design/SEO related activities are much more fun for me and will greatly benefit local businesses around my area.

    I guess after being in business for 11 years I just lost my focus. It is great to be on the horse again.
    Jason Osborne just posted TightVNC Windows Installation

  14. says

    That’s a great post, Rana. You reminded me of Gary Vaynerchuk’s bestselling book: “Crush it! How to cashin your passion”. I love this simple yet profound concept: doing what you love will make your life happier, easier and more rewarding and fulfilling.
    What many people don’t realize that if they tapped into their unique gifts and talents and turned them into business idea(s), you will be on their way of making fortune because they chose something they are naturally talented in. This way, they will standout and excel in your field in no time. Perhaps the biggest challenge is putting your services in front of the RIGHT audience. Your post beautifully summed up excellent tips in that regard. You know, I enjoyed your post immensely and featured it in Garious top 20 social media picks for September 2011. Keep up the good work!
    Heba Hosny – Garious Rep. just posted 50 Tweetable Tips For Beating Social Media Fatigue!