7 Common Negative Beliefs That Hold Bloggers Back from World Domination

You have probably heard many say that blogging is simple, but not easy.

Most of the obstacles to blogging success are in your mind. While this may sound a bit out there it’s entirely accurate.

You are responsible for the success you have. There are a lot of negative beliefs and fears that hold bloggers back from achieving true success.

Some may be afraid of guest posting, while others are terrified of creating their own products in fear of what others will think of them.

Today we’ll look at seven of the most common negative belief that hold bloggers back from world domination.

If you feel ready to move on, let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Not Good Enough

One of the most common beliefs that hold bloggers and many business people back is the feeling that they aren’t enough, and that they don’t deserve to be successful.

This belief is usually born in early childhood, but it can also be established after that. The simple truth is that you are not your thoughts for your beliefs.

Your beliefs are merely the map of reality, and your map is not the territory. You can change the way you feel about yourself and you can change your beliefs if you want to.

The truth of the matter is that you are good enough to do anything you want.

2. Fear of Failure

Next on the list is the fear of failure and negative expectations. Many people who start a blog and want to earn money with it or other content writer jobs begin projecting the most horrible outcomes in their mind.

They may imagine no one reading their blog, not selling any products, or even having people criticize them for being who they are (a common one).

When you realize that you are responsible for the thoughts you think, you can begin to change them for the better.

It’s easy to worry and fear the worst when things aren’t going exactly as you want, but realize that if you’re blogging on a topic you truly enjoy, you are already where you want to be.

3. Trying to Be Someone Else

When I began blogging, I was looking up to other people, because I wanted to become a great blogger like the big guys.

While I do recommend that you join a training course and learn to build a blog effectively, I don’t recommend that you get stuck on trying to be someone else.

You have a unique voice and you are here on this planet for a reason. Find and start following YOUR passion and you will notice the pieces falling in place.

4. Doing Too Much

If you’re just beginning, it’s easy to let excitement take over. There are a lot of projects (like web content jobs) you can work on and there are a lot of products you can create.

But you also have to realize that if you try to do too much, you will get nothing done.

Pick something you truly enjoy doing and focus on it until it is done. You will notice that the quality of your work goes up and you eliminate the possibility of burnout.

Seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

5. Shiny Object Syndrome

There are dozens and dozens of training courses out there, and each one of them promises you an easy and fast way to create a six-figure blog (okay, almost).

While some of those courses are excellent, most of them aren’t worth your time. I spent a few years chasing the best course, and it did nothing but make me confused.

Pick one course, if you even want to buy a course, and make it work until you even look at anything else. Don’t get caught up in shiny object syndrome!

6. Confusion

Another big obstacle that holds bloggers back is confusion. You see, you don’t have to know every step you need to take become successful.

When I started my blog in late 2009, I had no idea that I would end up where I am now. The only thing I did is I follow my passion and excitement.

I did what I enjoyed doing and the solutions followed. Now, it didn’t happen overnight, but as I kept going, it became clearer and clearer.

7. Money Focus

Last, but definitely not least is that if you’re focusing on just making money with your blog, you probably will burnout at one point or another.

The reason is because you will run into obstacles and you will have to face your fears in order to make your blog truly successful.

When you’re following your passion and your heart’s desire, you will have a much easier time moving through obstacles and fears.

Keep these seven obstacles in mind as you’re building your blog, because they will be crucial in your success.

By Henri

Henri writes at Wake Up Cloud, where you can get his free course Find Your Passion in 5 Days or Less. Follow him on Twitter.