How to Increase Twitter Engagement with Nestivity

This week, I had the privilege of taking a new Twitter tool for a spin. Nestivity (currently in beta) takes your Twitter engagement to a whole new level by encouraging people to engage in conversations and making those conversations easy to follow by placing them in a threaded discussion form.

How to Increase Twitter Engagement with Nestivity Discussions

Benefits for Bloggers

While the tool was developed with brands and businesses in mind, there are lots of benefits for bloggers as well.

1. Engage more with your followers. We all know that frequent engagement with your followers strengthens your relationship with them. Use this tool to really start talking to your Twitter community vs. broadcasting at them.

2. Connect with influencers. Anyone with a significant amount of followers is hard to chat with on Twitter because your tweet is getting lost in a sea of mentions and retweets. Nestivity lets you have discussions with popular Twitter users in an uncluttered environment where they are more likely to notice you.

3. Promote your blog posts with discussions on Twitter. Invite people to come and talk about your latest blog posts on Twitter. This should lead to more retweets of your content.

4. Build your Twitter following. As followers of those who are participating in your discussion start chiming in, you’ll have the chance to meet new people and grow your Twitter following.

5. Increase your Klout. Not that anyone cares about Klout scores (wink wink), but participating in regular discussions on Twitter will help boost your Klout rankings due to the increase in mentions of your @username in discussions.

How to Participate in a Nestivity Community

Participation in a Nestivity community is easy. First, you will need to sign in to the community using the sign in button on the main page.


Alternatively, if you go directly to a discussion page and try to reply to a discussion, it will prompt you to sign in there.

There are two ways to participate. First, you can use the three prompts to share experiences, post ideas, and ask questions.


Here are some ways to use these prompts to engage with brands, businesses, and bloggers.

  • Share an Experience – On brand or business communities, you can use this to share your experiences with their product or service. On communities by bloggers, you could use this to talk about your user experience on their blog or website.
  • Post an Idea – On brand or business communities, you can post feedback about things you would like to see them offer as products or services. On communities by bloggers, you could post ideas about what they should write about.
  • Ask a Question – Pretty self explanatory. Anything goes.

These tweets will show up in your Twitter stream and in the Community Recent Tweets stream.


Next, you can participate in discussions. Active discussions are listed on the main community page.


Simply click on a discussion and use the Leave a Reply box to add your thoughts.


It’s important to leave the link intact. It doesn’t count towards the number of characters in your response / tweet as it will be shortened when it is posted. You can change the Twitter handle to reply to other participants in the discussion or remove it altogether to have more characters. These tweets will also be posted to your Twitter stream.

Finding Nestivity Discussions to Participate In

If you want to keep track of new Nestivity discussions by anyone, simply perform a Twitter search for the You can search this on Twitter and save it or add it as a column in your HootSuite or other Twitter management tool.


This way, you can find the latest Nestivity users and their discussions. On Twitter, you can filter this view all tweets, tweets from just people you follow, or the top results on Twitter.

People on Nestivity

Here are some of the people using Nestivity now!

  • Kikolani – A community to discuss all things blog marketing related including content, search, and social media marketing.
  • Robert Scoble – Rackspace’s Startup Liaison Officer, who grew up in Silicon Valley, brings you technology news, videos, and opinions. Currently has lots of discussions on SXSW.
  • Mari Smith – Facebook marketing expert and social media superstar!
  • Guy Kawasaki – Author, entrepreneur and former chief evangelist of Apple.
  • Duct Tape Marketing – Small business marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, The Referral Engine and The Commitment Engine.
  • Jure Klepic – Social Media Innovator & Strategist who is willing to say what others leave unspoken.
  • Bryan Kramer – President/CEO of PureMatter in Silicon Valley, consultant, blogger, speaker, and marketing strategist.
  • Ric Dragon – Author of Social Marketology, speaker, artist, drummer, and marketing blogger.
  • Chris Voss – Social Media Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, The Chris Voss Show, CEO of Strategix One. Top SM Leader seen by Forbes, CNN, Huff Po, Alltop News & other media etc.
  • InfusionSoft – All-in-one sales and marketing software for small businesses.
  • Lauren Dugan – Social media consultant serving SMBs, founding AllTwitter editor. Online social media instructor.
  • Binnys Beverage Depot – Offers online ordering with local pickup of fine wine, spirits, beer and beverages, cigars, and gourmet gifts.
  • Stealthmode – Co-founder, Stealthmode Partners, helping entrepreneurs succeed.
  • Charlie Tour – PGA Tour + Content Marketing @TaylorMadeGolf. Native Iowan (Hawkeye).
  • Focus Family – Global ministry helping families thrive.
  • Hensel – Online brand strategist and twitter conference reporter.

Some communities aren’t active just yet as they were only set up this past week, but they should be active soon!

How to Setup Your Nestivity Community

Nestivity is currently in beta with limited participants until the official launch in April. You can reserve your account now to be notified when it is ready to go.

Once you gain access, setting up your nest is easy. You simply name your community, then add a logo (necessary) and background image (optional).


Then you edit your link color and add a message for both members of your community and first time visitors.


That’s it! Then your community will look like this.


Browsing the Community Dashboard

You will then have access to a Community Activity dashboard that shows you all of your Twitter mentions and mentions specifically sent through Nestivity organized by experiences, ideas, questions, and active discussions.


Creating a Discussion

To create a discussion, simply select a tweet in your Community Activity dashboard and use the Turn into a Discussion link.


Then you will configure your discussion settings.


First, you will add your discussion to a new or existing projects. Projects are simply ways to categorize the your discussions. Then add your discussion title, description, and image. Remember that discussions are meant to encourage just that – discussions. So think of a good question to ask to get the conversation rolling. You will then click Preview.


Before you publish, make sure to change the standard “Join My Discussion” message to something custom. This is the tweet that will be sent to your account to announce your latest discussion.

You can then monitor replies on your discussion page. Be sure to use the Leave a Reply box to reply so that tweets stay in the same discussion.

I chose the above example to highlight how you could use Nestivity to promote your blog posts. But you can create discussions from any of your own tweets or tweets that include your @username from others. This means you can do things like:

  • Highlight when others tweet your post.
  • Turn questions people ask you into community discussions.
  • Turn feedback people send you into community discussions.

The key is to turn tweets that could lead to engaging conversations into discussions.


Nestivity is a freemium tool. You can create your own Nestivity community for free, or you can select pricing plans starting at $19 per month if you need moderators or want your tweet data stored in Nestivity for longer than 60 dys.

Where You Can Leave Feedback

Nestivity has their own community where you can use the Post an Idea and Ask a Question tabs to share your thoughts and feedback. I’ve already added some comments including:

  • Letting owners add a link to their blog / website.
  • Adding the official Twitter follow button so people can follow community owners quickly.
  • Having replies to tweets in discussions automatically populate the discussion URL which keeps replies organized.
  • Logging in once to participate in a community. If you close a the window the community is in, you have to log in again.

Your Thoughts

What are your thoughts about using Nestivity? Give it a try by participating in these discussions on guest blogging, Google Reader alternatives, SEO tools, and the embedded one below!

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    Awesome post about Nestivity, Kristi!

    Such tools are so important and helpful. I’ve been a member of Triberr for quite some time, and it has really helped me a lot. I can imagine what wonders will Nestivity too do to my blog traffic. It is free and has more features like having conversations – they’re the key to develop relationships. Thank you for making such brilliant efforts to illustrate and explain the features and procedures at Nestivity. It’s definitely worth a try. :)
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    Nestivity, aptly named. I am looking forward to trying this product. Its appropriate to have a have Nestivity for Twitter activity.

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    Nestivity seems like an interesting tool. I think I will join it. I had a look at your page and seems perfect. If its free then its worth joining it and then taking it from there if you want to try the premium version or not. Great post Kristi. I remember your previous post on getting to improve your twitter profile with 15 sites, that helped me a lot. I am definitely interested in this one too as I am always looking to improve engagement on Twitter and other social media. Thank you for writing about Nestivity.
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    As a product designer, I’m always amazed to hear how people are using it and how they bring the software to life in ways that I haven’t even imagined. The use cases you brought to life are incredible. Thank you for running with the software and leading the way. Your community will always be a best-in-class example I point to. We also published a post around a similar topic in case you’re interested.

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    Hi, Kristi,
    Love the new look! =)

    Nestivity definitely sounds like the perfect app for me! I’ve never been huge on Twitter simply because it’s always been so difficult for me to follow, even using different applications like HootSuite. I could never quite get the hang of it. Nestivity looks like it would simplify things in a way I could be comfortable with.

    Thanks for the recommend! I’m definitely signing up early.
    Delena Silverfox just posted For Writers By Writers | The Road to Hell is Paved with Adverbs

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      Triberr’s a whole different animal comparatively. I got into it for a bit, then just ran out of time to stay in touch with everyone in my tribes. Hope you enjoy Nestivity!

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    Hi Kristi,
    I wanted to thank you, I joined Nestivity and I have to say that it is a great tool. However, I don’t have a lot of time to manage my Twitter account because of Google Plus and Pinterest.
    Great post Kristi. I am always looking to improve engagement on Twitter and other social media. Thank you for this discovery.
    Best regards, Brunner Nathan
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    Amazing explanation of this tool and I have reserved my place for now. This tool is really helpful for our blogs and Twitter is so huge that without this tool its impossible to track blog’s activity on Twitter. Thanks a lot for this tool Kristi :)

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    Looks like another great tool to help make my life easier. In Real Estate, this can tool can certainly give us the upper hand. We have to be connected to our clients regularly while keeping our potential clients engaged. Twitter is a great addition to our marketing arsenal and looks like Nestivity can really help in that process. Thanks for the post!
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      I find screenshots easier to do than hunting down stock or Creative Commons images. I just use Jing to capture them. When you’re capturing, it shows you the screensize so you know whether you have to resize or not. If I do need to edit, I use Gimp.

      I do uploading one of two ways. If I’m writing the post in WordPress, I upload as I go. If I write it in a text document, I just copy the path to the image from Jing into the text document. Then I do a find / replace to change the /Users/kristihines/Desktop/Post Images/ to <img src=”, .png to .png” />, and then instead of uploading and inserting the images individually, I upload them all at once. The latter especially helps when I’m working on some of my client sites that are slower uploading due to using image hosting on the cloud.

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    You really don’t stop working, don’t you, Kristi!! :)
    Any way… a lot of insights here! I just have to say that I’ve been applying some of your Twitter tips to increase followers and build some links, and it is working great so far. Nestivity is another tool that I will try! But one thing at a time!
    Nice talking to you Kristi. Take care.
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      Not really Felipe. I’m trying to cut down, but right now I’m still doing about 8 hours and then baby duty. Fortunately, I love what I do. :)

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    Oh yea, it’s been going around :)

    I have heard and seen the headlines all over twitter talking about this new twitter tool!

    It is having great success because it is centered around a fundamental principal of social media; “Engagement”.

    The fact you can create and engage easily with conversions on twitter makes this tool a must in my book 😉

    Thanks Kristi!
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    Hi kristi
    This tool should make conversations as easy to follow and therefore follow up as it is on your phone with your texting conversations. Twitter are obviously trying to develop quickly so they get way ahead of anyone trying to steel there thunder.

    Great insight lee

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    Hi Kristi, thanks for another awesome tip!

    I have almost 60k followers on Twitter so it is really hard to talk to people amongst the spam I receive so this could really help my engagement which is poor at best.

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    Very well written review. I’m already using nestivity and for the very first time getting really engaged in some discussion on Twitter with more than just a few people.

    The only problem with Nestivity is the 140 character tweet limit … almost all reactions on your article over here are well above that limit…

    For meaningfull and precise communication, the 140 characters offered by a tweet format is a bit on the short end of the spectrum….