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Three Ways a Non-Blogger Created a Thriving Business With His Blog

This is a guest post by Tim Fong.

Although Danny Iny is the prolific “Freddy Kreuger” of blogging, in my interview with him for, he revealed he didn’t consider himself a “blogger.”

It’s surprising. He’s known for his Firepole Marketing blog which has attracted tens of thousands of loyal readers. Because of all the guest posts that he’s written, he became known as the “Freddy Kreuger” of blogging. In fact, one of his stand-out courses is on how to guest blog successfully. His ebook — “Engagement from Scratch” — shares insights from many leading bloggs that know and respect him for the community he has built through his blog.

Yet, when he describes how he sees himself — it isn’t as a blogger, but something different.

I reveal what exactly that is later in the article.

This insight is especially valuable for those of you who also don’t really see themselves as bloggers, yet still desire to create a successful business based on a blog.

As part of my “Super Powers: Origin Series”, I look at the Super Powers or strengths and reveal how they are used to build and run successful businesses. In Danny’s case, here are his:

  • Strategic
  • Relator
  • Individuator
  • Maximizer
  • Activator

Note: Danny, as you can tell through the interview, actively uses the notion of “strengths” for himself as well as for his growing staff. That portion of the interview is especially valuable if you plan to grow your enterprise beyond just yourself.