How to Monitor Your Organization Online

It’s not always pleasant to hear what your partners and competitors are saying about your organization online. However, deciding to turn a deaf ear to the constant buzz of their feedback puts you at risk for getting into a situation where your organization’s reputation is damaged almost beyond repair.

If you choose to not pay attention to what other businesses are saying, a situation could become very severe without you even realizing it, meaning any attempt to do damage control might come too late.

Obviously, you need a non-generic and unique brand name to be able to monitor it online. Namify has a cool business name generator to help you pick one.

Try some of the tips and services below to ensure you can keep tabs on your organization in a way that’s beneficial and not distracting, without going over budget.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a service that monitors the Internet for new mentions of keywords. One of the great things about it is it’s free.

All Google sites know how to recognize many search operators, and you can add those to the Google Alerts field so certain keywords related to your organization only generate alerts if they are accompanied by other specifications.

Google Alerts is a great starting point for getting more informed about what your partners are saying about your organization. However, you can do much more.

Search Through Social Media

There’s no doubt social media has great value when it comes to gauging public opinion about your organization. Because news travels fast across social media, it has been the setting for many public relations disasters.

Conversely, it has also proven how it’s possible to strengthen a reputation by being more aware of what is being said across social media and responding appropriately.

The majority of people involved with organizations don’t have the time nor desire to spend hours scrolling through social media. That’s where a site called Agorapulse is extremely handy and efficient.


It pulls data from across the Internet about how many unique authors are talking about a particular subject, which associated keywords are being discussed with that subject and much more, all in a matter of seconds.

Agorapulse is very useful if your organization is in the middle of a coordinated campaign to make more of an impact across social media and you want to get a feel for whether or not the efforts are causing other companies to take notice.

The tool can also be useful to track your branded hashtag or an even hashtag you are participating in. I love using niche hashtag to build my brand and find new connections.

You can also use the site to curate customer reviews and testimonials.

You can search for your brand name on Agorapulse and find a list of people talking about you. You could then reach out to those sharing photos and comment, asking them for their feedback and permission to use those pictures on your branded channels. It’s a great way to start interaction. You can also curate and display those tweets on your site in real time.

Keep an Eye on Your Branded SERPs

How long ago did you google your name?

Google’s search result page for your brand name is your most powerful business card. It’s what will determine if people will want to deal with you.

Make sure the page looks good, there are no negative reviews or pictures that may seem questionable.

Use Visualping to monitor that URL and get alerted whenever there’s a new page, image or video showing up for your brand name. Select to monitor text on that page and choose to track the whole page:


Here are more settings you may want to check out when using the tool.

You can also see what Google associates your brand name with. Simply run your name through Text Optimizer, let it grab Google’s search snippets that show up for your branded search and apply semantic analysis to see what Google knows about you and what you do. Here’s what Google thinks of me (well, it knows I am a marketer!):

Text Optimizer

Australia-based SEO agency UR Digital also offers a solid guide on creating relevant content for your business which also incorporates semantic research.

Begin to Work With BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a monitoring website that’s packed with features. You can compile statistics about influential people in your organization’s industry, as well as their respective websites, get data about what types of content your organization is being mentioned within and even export it into Excel spreadsheets for easier viewing.


Be aware you only get two alerts if using BuzzSumo as a free service. If you’re interested in really using it to its full capabilities, think about signing up for the premium model and viewing the cost as a smart investment.

These are just a few worthy platforms to use if you want to keep track of what’s being said about your organization online, but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money getting in the know.