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The Right Time is Now: 16 Gaps to Fix in Your Blog This Year


Now that 2016 is almost into its second month you may be starting to get frantic if you have not seen an increase in your following through your blog. It is not too late to do something about it and fix some of the things that you must be doing wrong. Described below are 16 things you can do to fix those gaps in your blog and get it where you really want it to be.

The right time to improve your blog is now!

  1. Don’t use so much formal language

First of all, look at what sort of language you are using. It might be typically too formal so that it makes you sound as though your expected readership is the type that only reads formal language. To attract the most interest cut back on formalities and use the type of language that you would probably use if you were in a face to face situation with your readers.ย  Use idiomatic language that makes the tone of your blog sound comfortable and relaxed. That is far more inspiring than writing as if your blog was a cover letter for a job application.

  1. Not enough variety of media in your blog posts?

These days, visual appearance is very important when it comes to anything on the Internet. We humans just love color and that is what blog readers want to see to brighten up their lives. Remember, people may be reading your blog at breakfast time, on the train to work or even when in a traffic jam as it is so easy to flick on the smartphone, IPad or tablet when looking for some entertainment while waiting for something to happen.

You want your blog post to be the one read by people waiting in traffic jams or sitting on the bus or train, so add some interesting and appropriate images or photographs or even a video so that those potential readers are drawn back to your blog every day of the week. A podcast might go down well too, as most smartphone, IPad or tablet owners have earphones so no one can hear what they are listening too.

  1. Don’t ignore technology

Technology is changing by the minute and there are tiny, wearable devices, even rings, that can read information from a smartphone. You have to acknowledge these users and ensure your blog can be read well by these tiny devices. This does not mean cutting out images, but just making them small enough so that they can be viewed and seen without the reader being distracted by. Itโ€™s a good idea to use some photo stocks like BIGSTOCK, Unsplash, Little Visuals or any others.

  1. Avoid too much monotonous content

So often a blog becomes predictable and the reader gets to know what you are going to say the next time round. Sometimes, this is good if it’s what the reader wants. It couldย  just remind about something they have an interest in. But generally readers want to be inspired and feel they have added a bit to their knowledge after they have read a blog.

This means steering your readers into something new in every blog. You could be blogging about your company’s product, which could be anything from a dentist to a solar panel installer. Whatever it is, there is always some new development or idea that could be added to a blog to make it just that more informative.

  1. Keep your ideas original

Whatever the reason is for your blog, don’t copy chunks of information from other websites or even someone else’s blog to add meat to yours. Both readers and the search engines love new, innovative content in a blog and that means information or ideas that they have not seen anywhere else on the Internet. If you read something in a blog that only earlier in the day you have read somewhere else on the net in exactly the same words, you will most likely not trust the writer of the blog and might even dismiss the blog completely as an authority on anything.

There are ways you as a blog writer can avoid this especially if you have found something on the Internet that you would like to include in your blog. There are Internet friendly tools like Unplag where once you have written the daily blog you can copy and paste it into the space provided on the Unplag website. With one click the website tool will quickly identify if your blog entry has anything copied in it and will tell you so that you can make adjustments to your blog post to free it of plagiarism.

  1. Don’t be too opinionated

Everyone wants to have a blog that attracts readers and this is often the case if you are able to include something you have done or said and it becomes a hit and your blog has an increase in readers. There are certain things that you should do as a blogger and one of the most important ones is not being too politically persuasive in your entries. Casual readers don’t always want to know what you think, particularly if you are painting an ugly picture of a specific political character.

It’s of course fine to mention for example President Obama’s State of the Nation speech if it’s of relevance to the day’s blog topic, but just don’t be too opinionated as you may lose readers instantly who don’t agree with you.

  1. Your readership comes first

Try to think about who your readers are likely to be and base your blog to a certain extent on that readership. For example, if you believe your main readership is likely to be young men, adjust your language as if you are personally talking to them. Use the language that you expect a young man to understand. This will for sure help to keep young men focused on your blog week after week.

  1. Use a more journalistic style

In journalism, journalists tend to use information that they know they can back up with evidence. In other words they thoroughly research before they publish. You should do this with your blog too. You may be writing about yoga classes you offer and if you are use reliable sources to back up anything that you might say that is healthy about yoga. Having a second opinion is a great way to keep your readership.

  1. Explain, explain, explain

If there is anything in your blog that requires explanation to ensure full understanding make sure you simplify enough so that the idea is easy to understand. Most readers like to get the whole picture from the one blog and don’t won’t to resort to Google to find out the meaning of something you have said in your blog.

  1. Use bulleted points, tips and lists to simplify your message

If you are offering some tips in your blog, try using bulleted points or numbers, as they are so much clearer to the reader and they will home in quickly to anything useful you may have to offer. There are a variety of different styles of bullets or numbers that are effective in drawing the attention of the readers.

  1. Don’t forget to provide back links

When you are writing your blog and you want your readers to learn a bit more about who you are or what your company offers, your blog is a good place to do this and you can provide a link to your own company newsletter or other websites or even testimonials on a website if you wish too.

  1. Referring to previous blog entries

When you are writing a blog don’t make the entry appear as if it is a one off. Refer to previous blogs by name or date and even provide the relevant links so that your reader knows that blogging is something you do effectively often.

  1. Try to be more personal in blog writing

Make sure your blogs are inclusive and are relevant to a whole group of people and not just to isolated individuals. A way of doing this is to use ‘we’ throughout your blog as this draws your readers together and makes them feel part of a community.

  1. Post at regular intervals

Ensure you have a timeframe for the posting of your blog and your readers know the frequency and the day and then keep to a regular rhythm. This is a mark of your reliability and will draw your readers into a more closely knit group.

  1. Host guest bloggers

There is no better way of putting a freshness into your blog than asking a guest blogger to come into your readers’ lives from time to time. It gives your readers something to look forward and you gain respect too. Just don’t overdo it if it’s really your blog style that has attracted your following!

  1. Split up long posts

If one week you have a large amount to talk about on your blog rather than making it long on one day divide it up and post the second half of it the following day. All you need to say after the first part is that the blog will continue the next day and surprise, surprise your readers are more likely to be out in force, ready to read the second half.

Have you noticed any other blogging gaps? Please shear your own experiences and tell how you managed to fix them.

By Leona Hinton

Leona Hinton is a young passionate educator, blogger and freelance writer from Chicago. She loves spring walks, reading classic literature and horse riding. Her biggest dream is space travel to the Moon.

25 replies on “The Right Time is Now: 16 Gaps to Fix in Your Blog This Year”

Hi Leona,

Lots of great thoughts. I think the key one for me is publishing at regular intervals. I used to be *really* good about this, but as my schedule has gotten busier it’s become tougher. One week I’ll publish on Tuesday, the next on Wednesday, and the next week Tuesday again.

I definitely need to get back into a regular routine.

Great work, Leona. Hope you’re having a wonderful evening!

– @kevinjduncan

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for commenting my first post on Kikolani.

I’m so glad you found my tip useful.

Just do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishing you all the best in 2016! Leona

Hi Leona,

What a fabulous article, I saw many things that I’d like to see implemented on other blogs but also realized there’s a LOT of progress to be made on my own blog.

I need to do more with images and overall variety of media for sure. I know it’ll increase engagement. I also listen to at least one podcast every day, so that’s another thing to start looking into for myself in 2016.

Yes, I do want to feel inspired and feel like I learned something after I finished reading. If I go to a blog and I haven’t learned something new multiple times in a row, I’ll get bored and feel like I’m wasting time. I could’ve been reading a book!

Thanks for the Unplag tool. I’m pretty sure all of my content is unique and my own style but you never know for sure!

Being opiniated can definitely go wrong when you get into politics or other things personal where opinions are heavily divided. However, a controversial post can actually become exceptionally popular.

I always do research when writing. For this reason, find that writing an article helps me learn at a deeper level. I always try to check facts when I’m writing, but I could absolutely take my research a bit further than I currently do!

Referring to previous blog entries is something I rarely do, while I know how beneficial this can be. Thanks for reminding me, Leona!

I address my readers with “you” instead of “we” because I want them to feel like I’m talking directly to them. But that’s interesting, though. I agree that it could make my readers feel more inclusive.

My writing frequency is another point I have to work on. I want to be more consistent, so people can rely on it.

Thanks for sharing this here on Kristi’s blog Leona!

Plenty of ideas to make progress and positively kick off a new month!

– Jasper

Hey Jasper,

My pleasure. The reason why I started to write for Kikolani is a wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts, tips and motivate others. And if my article was helpful for you – that’s the best reward I could ever dreamed about.

I love your idea about listening podcasts every day, it’s a great way to stay informed, so I’ll definitely try to get into this habit. Thanks for sharing your spiffing tip!

Unfortunately, the amount of time I usually spend on reading books is quite limited. That’s why I only read literature suggested by top bloggers I know in person or at least my friends and parents. The same with blogs, you don’t waste your time on boring articles. if you follow witty bloggers.

You’re absolutely right, Jasper, it is never superfluous to use a plagiarism checker. We are human so we do mistakes. I’ve recommend Unplag, because I use it daily for different needs such as teaching, writing, editing and content creation. Technology saves our priceless time and makes us better, so why not to use it?

I totally adore reading and writing controversial posts! Such kind of articles always hook reader’s attention.

I appreciare your interest to my first post on Kikolani, thank you so much for that, Jasper. Your pleasant words touched my heart.

I wish you the best of luck in 2016! Hope this year will be productive and successful for you!



Hi Leona,
As a new blogger I must say I found your article not only informative but also impressive and full of quality content. Your article has fantastic ideas and I wish to make changes the way you have suggested! It’s really motivating see such amazing blogs which gives some awesome tips! Your blog certainly seems to be a โ€˜benchmarkโ€™ that many can aspire to!

I was just thinking about this past week that I should be more informal in my writing style.

I run a health blog and if I am to presume that at least 70% of whoever comes to my blog from search engines are facing some health issues or other.

And that is why me as an influencer should be informal to make the reader comfortable.

I can say this list is another check-list to be looked up to before clicking the publish button. Good one Leona Hinton!

You have a lot of interesting ideas to improve blogs. I know that I have a lot of things to do on my own blog, specially adding more media and post regularly. But since I have like 10 websites, it’s hard to get quality content on all of them.

Sure, I could use an external writer and pay him for writing articles, but in that way I don’t think I’ll learn anything.

Do you thing that it would be easier to write less and have better quality or post more with normal quality ? If I post less, then my articles won’t be easily found on search engine, but I have the chance that one of my articles goes viral…

It’s quite clear that in time you need to improve yourself as a writer, but also to see what are the newest trends and talk about them.

Thanks for your feedback, Linda!

It’s always your decision how many posts to write, but my personal motto is “Quality over quantity”. I’d rather write less frequently but do it with passion.

Hei Leona, thanks for the reply

If you already have an established website, of course writing quality articles is the best move.

But if you have a new website and you want to have a little bit of content fast. In one of my websites I only have 24 articles in a year, good content, but low traffic.

I think it’s a matter of trying and of the niche, since some niches work better than others.

You’re right, Linda!

It’s important to keep balance between quality of content, amount of posts and SEO metrics. Probably, every blogger has his own perfect formula, I just shared mine ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for sharing thoughts with me, I appreciate your opinion.

Hi Leona,
I really enjoyed reading this post. From the perspective of a new blogger, who currently has 10+ tabs open just from reading your post, (ha!) I really found this helpful.
Those are from the links in your post because I canโ€™t wait to read them.
I love your writing style, it wasnโ€™t over my head and it was clear to the point. Thank you for making something that is quite in depth, and difficult to do sometimes seem easier with simple steps to take and really great questions!

Dear Christina,
I’m so glad you found this article helpful.
Thanks for the compliments, I tried to do my best for you ๐Ÿ™‚
– L.

Hi there,
Thanks for your article and your great ideas.

I hear a lot about backlinks, yet I am not that familiar with them.

Is it just your link on someone else’s site?

Is it someone else’s link on your site?

Thank in advance,

Hi Meena,

Link back is when you linking on someone else’s site from your website to share relevant information. Someone can do the same and link back to your site.

If you want to find out more, I recommend you to visit and read articles related to backlink building tactics. You should be familiar with backlinks to succeed as a blogger.

Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚


I think you should change “The right time to improve your blog is now!” with “The way amateur blogger become professional one” ๐Ÿ˜€
Thanks for sharing your great complete ways to fix in our blogs

Hey Leona,

I’d like to add that a common mistake that some bloggers make is that they don’t make their content easy to read. They write long paragraphs without bullets and heading which makes it really boring.

What do you say?

Absolutely! What do I say? Stop writing long paragraphs and start making your readers happier while posting original, engaging, and readable content. Simple as that.

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