12 Tips To Execute The Perfect Marketing Strategy For Your Business

A lot of businesses fail to understand the importance of having a sound marketing strategy. While some quickly prepare a shoddy strategy others don’t have one at all! These companies haven’t realized the value of having a marketing strategy to lead them forward. They rely on a combination of hard work and dedication (without marketing […]

Blogging Business

Is Your e-Course Just an Online Bookstore?

This post examines the low completion rates for students taking an e-course. It also offers ideas and suggestions to shift your mindset for creating interactivity and for setting up “student outcomes” as a key objective to e-course success. After years of research, testing learning experiences, and participating in online learning, I’m finally following a path […]

Social Media Strategy

5 Hacks To Make The Most Out of Social Channels

Okay, let’s make a deal: You read (not scan!) this post till the end, and I promise to share tricks you haven’t taken into consideration while choosing right social channels for your business. Note: I said right. I am sure you are awesome! I believe you have skills to bring every social channel to heel. […]

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Live-Streaming Tools – Which is the Best for Marketers?

When live-streaming first entered our Internet world back in the early-to-mid 2000’s, it was really a tool for individuals’ personal use. Today, live-streaming is a very different tool – one that can be used by marketers in engaging and very effective ways. And being able to record in HD and stream in Wi-Fi or 3G […]