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Webinar Software Comparison: 9 Popular Services Reviewed

One of my goals for 2015 is to incorporate webinars into my online marketing to promote some courses I have in the making. So I decided to research the different webinar software, services, and platforms that are available. In this post, I wanted to share my findings for others who are also in the process of choosing a webinar solution for their business.

Webinar Software Compared

The following are the webinar software, services, and platforms I chose to research.

Webinar Software Comparison Chart

Here’s what I found as far as pricing and features for each of the above webinar solutions.

Please note that while some offer specific features, they are only offered at certain pricing plans. Also, some features may be available for specific platforms but are not noted in the chart because the details were hard to find on their website.

Click the image below for a larger view. Pricing is per month unless noted.


Initial Impressions

When it comes to number of attendees versus price, you can’t beat the two services built on Google+ Hangouts – WebinarsOnAir and WebinarJam. For marketers who need a webinar solution for thousands of attendees, but don’t want to pay $280+ per month, then these are the perfect solutions. Especially WebinarJam since it’s $297 per year as opposed to per month.

For those who are a little wary about trusting their webinars to Google+ Hangouts and need a solution that handles up to 1,000 attendees, ClickWebinar is the right choice. It has similar features to GoToWebinar, but is $119 less per month. ClickWebinar also has a nifty chat translation tool that allows you to text chat during the webinar with anyone in any language.

If you want to go with the most recognized webinar solution and price is not an issue, then GoToWebinar is the right choice. I would say that 90% of the webinars I attend are on the GoToWebinar platform. GoToWebinar can be integrated with just about any other tool you use for accounting, CMS, CRM, ecommerce, email, marketing, social, and so forth through Zapier. For example…

Your Review

If you’ve used one of the above-mentioned platforms, I’d love to hear from you! What are the pros, cons, and frustrations of each? Please note if your experience is an attendee, host, panelist, or presenter – all experiences are welcome!

By Kristi Hines

Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, professional blogger, and ghostwriter who specializes in business and marketing topics.

13 replies on “Webinar Software Comparison: 9 Popular Services Reviewed”

Thanks for breaking these down. I have used GotoWebinar and it works great, but is a little costly. I will be experimenting with software that helps run G+ Hangouts and would recommend any new marketers trying there first if they don’t have the money for more expensive programs just yet.

Great advice Ben! I’ve had bad luck with G+ hangouts, which makes me a little wary of using them, but they are definitely the best when it comes down to attendees versus price. 🙂

Hi Kristi. I will start using webinars plattforms and i was thinking in G+ Hangouts, please tell me Can i integrate G+H to a weber autoresponder? How G+H works? People in my contact list in aweber have to register for my G+H webinar? How many people can reach the G+H program? Can i write a link in the G+H dashboard while i am presenting the webinar for people click on it? Can G+H get integration with another programs?

Thanks a lot!!

Great writeup Kristi. Thanks for including MeetingBurner on here.

Just to clarify, we do have Q&A as well as Email Followup. You can also custom brand your registration pages, meeting rooms, etc.

Good work on this, Kristi — Webinar software is a pet topic of mine. In my opinion, there is no good solution for solopreneurs as yet.

GoToWebinar is too complicated and expensive, and I’ve seen a ton of glitches happen on the hangouts on air types — and they have open chat, so if you’re selling anything, you get a lot of rude flames. I also have a heck of a time getting hangouts to work, and not everyone is on G+.

I’ve used WebEx, and found them expensive for few seats, and with terrible support.

I’m personally using Instant Teleseminar these days — $67 a month for 750 seats between web and phone, and their support is great. The drawback: You can’t screenshare.

But I’ve come to love slideshows at this point — too much can go wrong when you try to screenshare live. Big pluses — you can export mp3s straight out of it of podcasts you do that are ready to go, and they have a question box people can leave questions in *ahead* of your event, which I have found a GREAT tool. They have hidden Q&A AND chat options, though chat’s been glitchy lately.

Have used GVO conference as well…which wasn’t so hot, and seems to be an affiliate sales gambit, mostly. Lots of pressure to sell it as well as use it.

I feel like the best solution for non-corporate users has yet to be created, but this at least offers a good guide. They all have drawbacks and advantages. I looked at at one point too but it seemed to not have enough features. Maybe time to revisit that.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll have to look at Teleseminar too., from what I can tell, is missing the registration component, so if you are looking to collect leads from a webinar, you’ll be out of luck.

I LOVE webinarjam. I love it for so many reasons; autoresponders, chat, replay question box, pop up offers on live and replay page, email capture, and more. I like it so much I actually enjoy doing webinars now. I might do a more comprehensive post in early 2015.

Excellent comparison, Kristi. I’ve saved it to our Blogger Mastermind resources for future reference. ClickWebinar has some interesting capabilities. I haven’t seen any other that can automatically display text in both English and into any of 52 languages live during the webinar.

One thing to be aware of with GoToWebinar is that it does not support Linux as it is not web based. Attendees must install and get it working on either Windows or Mac. If your audience is technical and likely to use Linux they will have to reboot into Windows or switch computers. People who interact with the corporate world are likely to have it installed already and have forgotten they had to install it originally. This will make a non-corporate audience late to your webinars and keep Linux-only users out entirely.

Excellent summary Kristi with some awesome discussion in the comments. WebEx can be good for recording and ease of use in my experience. Goto meeting is seamless regardless of browser/OS and has the advantage that most are familiar with it already. DimDim use to be a great free platform, but they were bought then consumed by SFDC back in 2011. Thanks for sharing in our Internet marketing community on Google+. Your content is always WELCOME there!

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