Women in Blogging: 115+ Fearless Female Bloggers

When it comes to lists of leaders in the tech industry, there is usually always one person who notes the lack of women appearing in them. And it’s no surprise they notice.

A Little List Analysis

I took a look at 14 lists that have come out over the last year for the top bloggers, social media marketers, search marketers, and entrepreneurs. The average number of women included is 34% IF you include three lists that were actually dedicated to women. In the other 11 lists that were a mixture, only an average of 16% of the people mentioned were women.

It’s not like there are not any awesome women out there – there just seems to be more men. Please don’t think I’m complaining – I’m not really. I have had the pleasure of being included in several of them, and am highly thankful for that!

Who Are These Women

This list includes female bloggers that cover a huge variety of topics in the blogosphere. They are not only bloggers, but many are also published authors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, experts in their niche, and overall inspirations.

I have included many well known female influences as well as some that are just starting out but have a very promising future in the blogging world that I have come across online, found in other lists, connected with in forums like the Third Tribe and the BlogcastFM Green Room, or met at events such as Blog World Expo and Social Media AZ. Many are pretty active bloggers, although some I include in hopes that they will get going again!

So without further ado, here are the fearless females in blogging, organized alphabetically by first name (as a few in the list go by pen name or don’t publicize their last name). Enjoy! Also, don’t miss the great giveaway at the end of the post!

When it comes to lists of leaders in the tech industry, there is usually always one person who notes the lack of women appearing in them. And it’s no surprise they notice.

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A Little List Analysis

I took a look at 14 lists that have come out over the last year for the top bloggers, social media marketers, search marketers, and entrepreneurs. The average number of women included is 34% if you include three lists that were actually dedicated to women (links no longer available). In the other 11 lists that were a mixture, only an average of 16% of the people mentioned were women. There have also been a couple of editorial additions to the list, based on proven track records and industry authority.

Who Are These Women?

This list includes female bloggers that cover a huge variety of topics in the blogosphere. They are not only bloggers, but many are also published authors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, experts in their niche, and overall inspirations.

I have included many well known female influences as well as some that are just starting out but have a very promising future in the blogging world that I have come across online, found in other lists, connected within popular online forums, or met at events such asB log World Expos and, for my area, Social Media AZ. Many are pretty active bloggers, although some I include in hopes that they will get going again!

So without further ado, here are the fearless females in blogging, organized alphabetically by first name (as a few in the list go by pen name or don’t publicize their last name). Enjoy! (These ladies are listed in alphabetical order for simplified navigation. Also, a few have been reluctantly removed after the publishing of this list because they have seemed to drop off the face of the earth and their links are broken.)

Alexa Samuels

Alexa Samuels

Alexa is a social media, web, and ecommerce content curator who strives to cut through the noise while having fun. Her blog, Web Content Curator, covers blogging, book reviews, social media, and more.

Follow her @alexasamuels on Twitter.

Ali Brown

Ali Brown of Shine Events

Ali was the successful entrepreneur behind the annual Shine Event for female entrepreneurs and creator of the Online Success Blueprint System. She mentors women to help them grow their business and live extraordinary lives. Ali’s blog covers business, fashion, finance, personal development, and more. Some of her posts include Energy Boosters for a Gloomy Day, 6 Cures for Anxiety, and Talk About a Testimonial.

Follow her @alibrownla on Twitter.

Ali Luke

Ali Luke of Aliventures

Ali is a writing coach who works with bloggers, novelists, and copywriters to help them take their writing to the next level. Her blog, Aliventures, covers writing, productivity, and questions about life. Some of her posts include A Review of the Freelance Writer’s Guide to Finding Work When Bills Are Due, Change the Future of the World, and a Freelance Writing Guide: Ten Steps, Tons of Resources.

Follow her @aliventures on Twitter.

Alice Bradley

Alice Bradley of Finslippy

Alice is a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, and co-author of the book “Let’s Panic About Babies” (affiliate link). Her blog, Finslippy, covers adventures, anxiety, city life, moving, parenting, and more. Some of her posts include On the Walk Home, Getting Over Perfection, and Writing More in Less Time.

Follow her @finslippy on Twitter.

Alison Zarrella

Alison Zarrella

Alison is an interactive copywriter, social media fashionista, Internet marketing blogger, and Facebook addict, as well as co-author of The Facebook Marketing Book (affiliate link). Her self-titled blog covers social media, with a particular emphasis on Facebook. Some of her posts include a series on Facebook Marketing Lessons from Buffy, How to Write Shareable Social Content, and The 10 Second Facebook Fix Guaranteed to Send You More Traffic.

Follow her @alison on Twitter.

Allison Boyer

Allison Boyer of After Graduation

Allison has been a freelance writer and blogger for Blog World Expo. Her blog, Better Blogging with Allison, covers life after college, motivation, goal setting, job hunting, and career information. Her latest posts included some great topics, but have since been removed from her blog. Her blog is still worth checking out and reading what she has there!

Follow her @allison_boyer on Twitter.

Amber Naslund

Amber Naslund of Brass Stack Thinking

Amber is the VP of social strategy for Radian6, business and communications strategist, and co-author of the The NOW Revolution: 7 Shifts to Make Your Business Faster, Smarter and More Social (affiliate link) with Jay Baer. Her blog, Brass Stack Thinking, covers blogging, branding, marketing, social media, and more. Some of her posts include The Personal ROI of Social Media, The Culture of Good Enough, and 20 Truths.

Follow her @ambercadabra on Twitter.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield of Social Media Strategy

Amy is an online marketer and social media consultant who specializes in Facebook marketing. She is co-authoring a Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies book scheduled to be released in March 2011, and is a regular author at Social Media Examiner. While her site has changed a bit, she still offers relevant content that is worth checking out for yourself at

Follow her @amyporterfield on Twitter.

Amy Schmittauer

Amy Schmittauer of Waking Up Amy

Amy is a social media consultant, blogger, and videographer with an extensive collection of personal videos on YouTube where she documents interesting moments in life. Her blog, Waking Up Amy, covers just about everything from blogging and social media to college football and music. Some of her posts include Two Weeks Notice, What Are You Doing, and a two part Blog World Recap.

Follow her @schmittastic on Twitter.

Ana Hoffman

Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe

Ana helps online business owners and marketers build more traffic to their websites in order to increase revenue. Her blog, Traffic Generation Cafe, covers blog, social media, and search traffic. Some of her posts include Email Marketing Burn Out, Trackbacks and Pingbacks Explained, and Ebay for Linking.

Follow her @AnaTrafficCafe on Twitter.

Dr. Anissa Holmes

Dr. Anissa Holmes of Delivering WOW

Dr. Holmes has taken the dental industry by storm in record-breaking time through her ever-growing Delivering WOW website. Dr. Holmes was an early guest on The Dental Marketing Guy Show, where she detailed what she thinks about the future of Facebook marketing. Dr. Holmes opined that video will become increasingly important in order to maintain relevancy and relate-ability with patients. You can check out her interview with the highly respected SEO specialist Justin L. Morgan, here..

Follow her @deliveringwow on Twitter.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty of SEO Smarty

Ann is an SEO consultant, the brains behind the hugely popular My Blog Guest site for bloggers to network and acquire guest blogging opportunities. Another “Fearless Female” on this list, Deborah Anderson, was instrumental in Ann’s MBG team by starting her #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat, leading eventually to the #ViralContentBuzz Chat and pioneering the MyBlogGuest Hangout and podcast, before podcasts really took off on the net. Ann is also a regular contributor to Search Engine Journal. Her blog, SEO Smarty, covers blogging, branding, SEO, social media, and more. Some of her posts include Brand Naming Online, Using Gmail Search for Keyword Research and Inspiration, and 3 Obvious Truths I Cam to Understand When Creating and Promoting My Projects.

Follow her @seosmarty on Twitter.

Annabel Candy

Annabel Candy of Get in the Hot Spot

Annabel is a charismatic social media blogger, writer, and speaker who recently released a great ebook on “Successful Blogging in 12 Steps.” Her blog, Get in the Hot Spot, covers blogging, business, success, writing, and more. Some of her posts include 11 Fun Lessons from Blog World, 5 Ways to Reignite Jalepeno Fire Passion in Your Business or Blog, and 6 Ways to Prevent Blogger Burnout.

Follow her @getinthehotspot on Twitter.

Arie Rich

Arie Rich of KMP Blog

Arie is a social media savvy web 2.0 enthusiast attending NYU for Digital Media Marketing. Her blog, KMP Blog (Keep Me Posted), covers blogging, entertainment, and more. Some of her posts include 5 Kids Flicks That Adults Will Love, 5 Reasons to Get Fit Before the New Year, and Top 7 Tips for the Budding Entrepreneur.

Follow her @arierich on Twitter.

Cameron Chapman

Cameron Chapman of On Writing

Cameron is an aspiring novelist and screenwriter, professional blogger, and graphic / web designer. She has written for major sites like Mashable and Smashing Magazine as well as published the book Internet Famous: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Online Celebrity (affiliate link). Her blog, Cameron Chapman, covers books, crafts, fiction, publishing, and other writing related topics.

Follow her @cameron_chapman on Twitter.

Casey Hibbard

Casey Hibbard of Stories That Sell

Casey is a social media and green technology enthusiast, as well as the author of Stories That Sell: Turn Satisfied Customers into Your Most Powerful Sales & Marketing Asset (affiliate link), a book that shows you how success stories into powerful sales and marketing assets. Her blog is located at Compelling Cases.

Follow her @casey_hibbard on Twitter.

Celestine Chua

Celestine Chua of Personal Excellence

Celestine is a peak performance expert and blogger whose passion is to help others achieve their highest potential. Her blog, Personal Excellence, covers career, emotional mastery, health, motivation, people skills, finding your purpose, and more. Some of her posts include How to Finish What You Start, Are You a Self-Help Junkie, and 101 Questions to Ask Yourself in Life.

Follow her @celestinechua on Twitter.

Ching Ya

Ching Ya of Social Blogging Tracker

Ching Ya is a social media enthusiast, blogger, freelancer who specializes in Facebook customization, and contributor to Social Media Examiner. Her blog, Social Blogging Tracker, covers blogging, Facebook, and Twitter tools and tips. Some of her posts include 5 Ways to Create Welcome Tabs, 16 Facebook Tips You Don’t Want To Miss, and Top 10 Facebook and Twitter Resources You Should Read.

Follow her @wchingya on Twitter.

Celena Black

Celena Black of Introvert Zone

Celena is a blogger of many interests including technlogy and personal development. She has had several blogs, with Introvert Zone being one of the most familiar. It covers the personal development and lifestyle of introverts. You will also want to check out her insightful book about the life of an introvert, called “I’ll be in My Room” (affiliate link). Some of her posts include How to Manage in a Brand New Environment with a Big Group of Extroverts, How to Deal with a Neighbor Who Is Pushing the Boundaries, and How to Get to Know an Introvert.

Follow her @IntrovertZone on Twitter.

Cindy Kim

Cindy Kim of The Marketing Journalist

Cindy is a journalist by trade turned PR professional whose passion is telling good stories to capture the imagination of the reader. Her blog, The Marketing Journalist, covers public relations, marketing, social media, and corporate communications. Some of her posts include Social Media: Moving Beyond the Wire To Real-Time PR, How to Operationalize Social Media Cisco Style, and Social Media Planning and Strategy – An Oxymoron.

Follow her @cindykimpr on Twitter.

Cindy King

Cindy King of International Business Blog

Cindy is a cross-cultural marketer, international sales strategist and business developer, content marketer, blogger, and social media networker who also is the Managing Editor for Social Media Examiner. Her blog on International Business covers cross-cultural communication, international business, content marketing, sales, social media, and more.

Follow her @cindyking on Twitter.

Cindy Ratzlaff

Cindy Ratzlaff of Brand You

Cindy was listed by Forbes as one of 30 women to follow on Twitter and is a certified social media strategist, brand evangelist, buzz marketer, and author of Queen of Your Own Life: The Grown-Up Woman’s Guide to Claiming Happiness and Getting the Life You Deserve (affiliate link). Her blog covers personal branding, publicity, publishing, social media, and more.

Follow her @brandyou on Twitter.


ConnieFoggles of Brain Foggles

Connie is a product reviewer, wife, mom, and advocate who enjoys blogging and social media. Her blog, Brain Foggles, covers a huge variety of products for family, health, home, and entertainment. Some of her posts include Mickey Mote and Disney Preschool DVDs – Holiday Gift Guide, iGo Charge Anywhere Reivew and Giveaway, and Cottonelle Fresh Flush Giveaway.

Follow her @conniefoggles on Twitter.

Corvida Raven

Corvida Raven of She Geeks

Corvida’s passion is helping others understand things that scare them, particularly on the technology front. Her blog, She Geeks, covers education, mobile, social media, web, and technology. Some of her posts include Official Google Voice iPhone App Review, Facebook Messages: Moving Closer to Human Contact, and The Future Price of a Hashtag.

Follow her @corvida on Twitter.

Cori Padgett

Cori Padgett of Big Girl Branding

Cori is a ghostwriter who focuses on Internet marketing and copywriting. Her blog, Big Girl Branding, covers blogging, business strategy, marketing strategy, and more. Some of her posts include Are You Ready to Let the Girl Effect in You Shine Through, Entrepreneurial Wisdom, Insight, and Inspiration, and What to Do When Your Biz Morphs Into a #FAIL.

Follow her @biggirlbranding on Twitter.

Cynthia Pedrosa

Cynthia Pedrosa of The Game of Life

Cynthia is a freelance graphic designer, most recognized for her work at DeviantART, and also an avid gamer. Her blog, The Game of Life, covers technology, video games, web design, and more. Some of her posts include Tap Tap Revenge 3 Video, Paypal iPhone App Launches Deposit Check Scanning, and Skin It! 9 Online Tools to Design Your Gadget Skin.

Follow her @z3olyte on Twitter.

Dana Lookadoo

Dana Lookadoo of Find Something You Love

Dana is a SEO consultant focusing on audience engagement and all things search, as well as an avid cyclist. Her blog, Find Something You Love, covers blogging, social media, productivity, SEO, and more. Some of her posts include How to Revoke Communication #shudown from Twitter & Facebook, Rebounding From a Fall – My Personal Humpty Dumpty Story, and Twitter – You Both Follow.

Follow her @lookadoo on Twitter.

Debbie Petras

Debbie Petras of Heart Choices

Debbie is a life long learner, interested in health, social media, marketing, technlogy, travel, and faith. Her blog, Heart Choices, covers inspiration and spiritual topics as well as fitness and healthy living. Some of her posts include In Other Words Tuesday, Norwegian Phrases, and Autumn Cards.

Follow her @panda444 on Twitter.

Deborah Anderson

Deborah Anderson of SocialWebCafe

Deborah was one of the original sought-after writers on newly emerging topics such as internet marketing, search engine optimization, branding, and hosting. This was back before blogging, in the days of ezines and the time when Corey Rudl held the corner on internet marketing. Her company was innovative in the area of domain registration service and hosting, and she was in demand at trade shows, consultations, and sharing her rare knowledge via popular ezines of the times. Deborah earned the title of “fearless” when she joined the Corporate world, designed and implemented the technological infrastructure for two major player companies and took on some giants in the financial world. When she returned to the online world social media marketing and blogging had just passed infancy. Visit her at SocialWebCafe or catch her #1 Jazz (over a year on Los Angeles charts) music at Deborah E.

Follow her @SocialWebCafe on Twitter.

Deborah Ng

Deborah Ng of Kommein

Deborah is the conference director for Blog World Expo, as well as a professional blogger and social media enthusiast. Her blog, Kommein, covers blogging, business, community management, social media, and more. Some of her posts include 7 Reasons to Share Link Love, Holiday Gifts for Geeks Around the Blogosphere, and How Social Media Saved Me from the Forwards.

Follow her @debng on Twitter.

Deirdre Breakenridge

Deirdre Breakenridge of PR 2.0 Strategies

Deirdre is the president of Mango! Marketing and author of several books including Putting the Public Back in Public Relations: How Social Media Is Reinventing the Aging Business of PR (affiliate link). Her blog, PR 2.0 Strategies, covers blogging, branding, organizational behavior, PR, and more.

Follow her @dbreakenridge on Twitter.

Denise Wakeman

Denise Wakeman of Build a Better Blog

Denise is a business blogging and visibility consultant for service professionals and small businesses, as well as a contributor to Social Media Examiner. Her blog covered everything you need for successful business blogging including podcasting, video, and more.

Follow her @denisewakeman on Twitter.

Donna Fontenot

Donna Fontenot from Making a Living Online

Donna is an eBusiness coach, SEO geek, and online entrepreneur. Her site presents her expertise on such topics as advertising, making money online, site promotion, social media, and more.

Follow her @DonnaCavalier on Twitter.

Eren Mckay

Eren Mckay of Embracing Home

Eren is an awesome homemaker whose mission is to encourage and provide resources for families and teachers to deal with mounting pressures and responsibilities of day to day life. Her blog, Embracing Home, covers organizing your life, homemade recipes, Christian parenting & marriage, family health & safety, and more. Some of her posts include How to Find Flowing Joy, How to Be and Stay Happy, and Weight Loss Motivation Tips.

Follow her @erenmckay on Twitter.

Erica Douglass

Erica Douglass of Erica Biz

Erica is a successful online entrepreneur who sold her online business for $1.1B at the age of 26, and wants to share her success plan with others. Her blog, Erica Biz, covers affiliate marketing, blogging, business, making money online, social media, and more. Some of her posts include The One Thing Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently, How to Make Potential Customers Fall In Love With You in 30 Seconds, and What to Do When Critics Attack.

Follow her @ericabiz on Twitter.

Eve Lester

Eve Lester of Designing with Eve

Eve is a web designer whose favorite part of design is making something amazing and functional out of a simple sketch or list of needs. Her blog, Designing with Eve, covers blogging tips, business advice, make money online, social media, tutorials, and more. Some of her posts include SEO Basics – How to Think Like a Search Engine, Offline and Online Organizational Tips for Businesses, and Guide to Using Cufon for Custom Fonts.

Follow her @evelester on Twitter.

Evelyn Lim

Evelyn Lim of Abundance Tapestry

Evelyn is a life coach, mother, Intuitive Consultant, and Internet entrepreneur. Her blog (formerly Attraction Mind Map and Abundance Tapestry) covers conscious living, self-help, self awareness, and more.

Follow her @evelynlim on Twitter.

Evita Ochel

Evita Ochel of Evolving Wellness

Evita helps people awaken and grow through spiritual evolution, conciousness expansion, holistic health, and compassionate living. She operates three beautiful blogs – Evolving Wellness, Evolving Beings, and Evolving Scenes which cover everything from health to personal development to beautiful imagery. Some of her posts include Health Effects of Sugar on Your Body – The Bitter Truth, Everything in Life Involves Choice, and Fire on the Horizon.

Follow her @evitaochel on Twitter.

Farnoosh Brock

Farnoosh Brock of Prolific Living

Farnoosh is a blogger, yogini, world traveler, engineer, and all around a beautiful person inside and out. Her blog, Prolific Living, is about living life with rich, unique, growth-inducing experiences and covers topics for the mind, body, and soul. Some of her posts include Why Relationships Matter, Embrace Changes of Season with 9 Promises, and From Fear to Motivation in 22 Radical Thoughts.

Follow her @prolificliving on Twitter.

Fiona McEachran (Bosticky)

Fiona Bosticky of Abnormal Marketing

Fiona is a marketing media consultant for small businesses, helping them make money with marketing as well as with social media and web design solutions. Her blog covers Internet marketing, web design, social networking, blogging, promotion, and more.

Follow her @fionamceachran on Twitter.

Fionn Downhill

Fionn Downhill of Digital Shenanigans

Fionn is an Internet marketing professional, consultant, speaker, and CEO of Elixir Interactive who believes in delivering value and excellent customer service. Her blog, Digital Shenanigans, covers online reputation management, paid search, social media, and more. Some of her posts include Fighting Fake Reviews Online, Online Reputation Management Lessons from BP, and Control Your Google Top 10.

Follow her @fionnd on Twitter.

Gabriella Sannino

Gabriella Sannino of Urban SEO

Gabriella is an rebel, and SEO geek who loves marketing and finding ways to make her clients more visible. Her blog, Urban SEO, covers urban geeks, SEO, social marketing, and food! Some of her posts include 50 Degrees of Separation, The Dark Side of SEO Copywriting, and Should You Follow These People.

Follow her @seocopy on Twitter.

Gail Gardner

Gail Gardner of Growmap

Gail is a blogger who helps people grow their business by increasing their visibility through search and social media optimization as well as encourages collaboration with bloggers and businesses. Her blog, Business Blogging, covers affiliate programs, bloggign, ecommerce, local search, social media, and more. Some of her posts include Stop Competing, Start Collaborating, Twitter: Increase Your Influence with Twitter Lists, and Top 10 Local Search Directories by Importance.

Follow her @growmap on Twitter.

Gina Trapani

Gina Trapani of Smarterware

Gina is an award-winning blogger, programmer, and author of Upgrade Your Life: The Lifehacker Guide to Working Smarter, Faster, Better (affiliate link). She has also been an editor at Lifehacker. Her site lists some of her impressive accomplishments as a writer.

Follow her @ginatrapani on Twitter.

Heather B. Armstrong

Heather Armstrong of Dooce

Heather is a professional blogger as well as published author of It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita (affiliate link) and Things I Learned About My Dad in Therapy Essays (affiliate link). Her blog, Dooce, covers a bit of everything including general & women’s health, home, family, and some techy topics.

Follow her @dooce on Twitter.

Ileane Smith

Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips

Ileane is a blogger with a variety of interests including marketing, graphic design, music, networking, finances, and more, and her philosophy of life is to keep an open mind and allow the creative juices to flow. Her blog, Basic Blog Tips, covers blogging tutorials, tips, guest posting, podcasting, and more. Some of her posts include Video Blogging Women on the Rise, Help Readers Find Your Guest Posts, and Feedburner Adds Realtime Stats from Twitter.

Follow her @ileane on Twitter.

Ingrid Abboud

Ingrid Abboud of Nitty Griddy Blog

Ingrid is a social media enthusiast and has a passion for writing and sharing what she knows and learns. Her blog, Nitty Griddy, covers infographics, Twitter, and more. Some of her posts include Social Media – How to Use it Like a 6th Grader, 17 Things About Me, If You’re Curious to Know, and 9 Free eBooks on Social Media.

Follow her @nittyGriddyBlog on Twitter.

Jade Craven

Jade Craven of Blogging and Social Media Tips

Jade has lived as a blogger, photographer, bushwalker, and the co-founder of Social Media Sols. Her blog covered many of those same topics. Now she is found tweeting and sharing her thoughts via the Twitter platform.

Follow her @jadecraven on Twitter.

Jennifer Van Iderstyne

Jennifer Van Iderstyne of Search Slingshot

Jennifer founded Search Slingshot, specializing in SEO consulting, reporting, and link building. It was later acquired by Jim Boykin, of Internet Marketing Ninjas, as was Jennifer, too. She has also been a regular contributor to Search Engine Watch.

Follow her @vanetcetera on Twitter.

Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson of The Bloggess

Jenny writes for Good Mom / Bad Mom on the Houston Chronicle. Her blog, The Bloggess, has the satirical tagline “Like Mother Teresa, Only Better.” Some of her posts include Does Boone’s Fine Apple Wine Count as Produce, There Are a Lot of Machine Guns on This Vacation, and And Then I Met Neil Gaiman.

Follow her @thebloggess on Twitter.

Jennifer Wagner

Jennifer Wagner of Connect With Your Teens

Jennifer has a great deal of expertise in parenting, young adults, and teenagers, and has been quoted in the USA Today, New York Times Daily News, and WebMD. Her blog, Connect With Your Teens, covers topics to help parents bond with their teenagers and young adults through pop culture and technology. Some of her posts include Charitable Gift Ideas for the Holidays, Sony Virtual World Free Online Games for Teens and Tweens, and Tips for Teens by Teen Author in Brain Snacks for Teens on the Go.

Follow her @jenwag57 on Twitter.

Jessica Gottlieb

Jessica Gottlieb

Jessica is a mom, writer, thoughtful consumer, and speaker. Her personal blog covers mom blogging, social media, and tech tips. Some of her posts include Burlesque: Movie Review, Thank You Has Power, and The MomBlogosphere Wants its Photos.

Follow her @jessicagottlieb on Twitter.

Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn of The Creative Penn

Joanna is a speaker, blogger, traveller, reinventor of self, and author of How to Enjoy Your Job: Powerful Strategies to Improve Your Work Life Now (affiliate link). Her blog, The Creative Penn, covers author entrepreneurship, creativity, ebooks and technology, literary travel, marketing, publishing, and writing. Some of her posts include How Reading And Book Buying Has Changed With The Kindle, Writing, Blogging And Authenticity With Justine Musk, The Tribal Writer, and Becoming An Indie Author: Is Success Based On Luck.

Follow her @thecreativepenn on Twitter.

Jolie O’Dell

Jolie O'Dell of Mashable

Jolie is a journalist and start-up veteran, computer science student, and tech journalist for Mashable. Her personal blog covers little bit of everything.

Follow her @jolieodell on Twitter.

Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce of SEO Chicks

Julie runs her own SEO agency, Link Fish Media, with her husband where she works with clients in ultra competitive niches worldwide, and is a regular contributor to Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal. She is co-founder of SEO Chicks with a team of female bloggers including Lisa Myers, Judith Lewis, Sarah Carling, and Nichola Stott, covering blogging, business, link buidling, SEO, social media, and more.

Follow her @juliejoyce on Twitter.

Julia Roy

Julia Roy of A Digital Girl

Julia is the VP of Marketing at Manilla who loves the Internet. Her blog covers social strategy, Twitter, technology, mobile, and more.

Follow her @juliaroy on Twitter.

Karen Woodham

Karen Woodham of Blazing Minds

Karen is a lover of tech, life, and people who make her laugh, as well as an contributor on Famous Bloggers. Her blog, Blazing Minds, cover a little bit of everything including blogging, making money online, humor, technology, and more. A couple of her posts include Twiends a Tool to Help Increase Twitter Followers and HootSuite Goes Pro! What Does This Mean For Free Users.

Follow her @blazingminds on Twitter.

Katie Freiling

Katie Freiling of Integrating Personal Development with Online Marketing

Katie is an entrepreneur and personal development coach who loves nature, yoga, and being inspired. Her blog covers entrepreneurism, online marketing personal development, promotion, and social networking.

Follow her @createwithkatie on Twitter.

Kim Doyal

Kim Doyal of The WordPress Chick

Kim is mom to two amazing kids, an optimist, information junkie, and WordPress lover, as well as the brains behind the “Women in Business 2.0” movie. Her blog, The WordPress Chick, covers topics to help the everday user manage their WordPress site and blog. Some of her posts include Anatomy of a WordPress Post, 5 Ways to Improve Your Blog in 10 Minutes or Less, and WordPress Video Marketing: Have You Taken the Plunge.

Follow her @kimdoyal on Twitter.

Kim Woodbridge

Kim Woodbridge of Anti Social Development

Kim is a freelance WordPress consultant who also does Facebook customizations. Her blog, (Anti) Social Development, covers blogging tips, Facebook, freelancing, WordPress, and more. Some of her posts include How to Make Your Custom Facebook Page the Default Landing Tab, How to Randomize the Images with the WordPress WP-Cycle Slideshow Plugin, and WordPress Image Slideshow Plugin: WP-Cycle.

Follow her @kwbridge on Twitter.

Kimberly Castleberry

Kimberly Castleberry of Just Ask Kim

Kimberly provides life coaching, mentoring, and online social media marketing advice. Her blog, Just Ask Kim, covers marketing, personal development, and social media secrets. Some of her posts include What Are Solo Ads and Ad Swaps, A Hard Lesson In The Need For List Segmentation, and Alpha Networking.

Follow her @askkim on Twitter.


Kissie of Just Kissie

Kissie is a philanthropist, vegan, witty writer, and purpose driven mother and grandmother. Her personal blog, Just Kissie, covers a little bit about everything. Some of her posts include Nonsensical, Community Networking Meme, and Beware the Devil’s Hug.

Follow her @justkissie on Twitter.

Kristi Colvin

Kristi Colvin of Fresh ID

Kristi is the chief mischief maker of Fresh ID, creator of Intefy, opinionated user/brand experience designer, and customer advocate. Her blog, Fresh ID, covers blogging, brand experience, social marketing, and more. Some of her posts include Covering Your Geo-Location Bases: Using Google, Foursquare, Gowalla, Yahoo & Facebook to Help Customers Find You, Think Like a Rockstar, and Social Media Introduction.

Follow her @kriscolvin on Twitter.

Lakesha Brown

Lakesha Brown of XD Web Solutions

Lakesha is a web designer, social media fan, tech and web junkie who wants to be the source for creative, affordable, professional web solutions. Her site,, covers her podcast and much more. Her former brand/blog, Strategy Design Results, covered web design, search optimization, branding, social media, and more.

Follow her @uncommonchick on Twitter.

Laura Roeder

Laura Roeder of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Laura helps people create fame for individuals and businesses. Her blog on Social Media Marketing Strategy covers blogging, branding, entrepreneurship, social media, and more.

Follow her @lkr on Twitter.

Lisa Barone

Lisa Barone of Outspoken Media

Lisa is co-founder of Outspoken Media along with Rhea Drysdale & Rae Hoffman-Dolan (profiled below). She is known for her honest industry observations, inability to not say what she’s thinking, and excessive Twittering. Her blog, Outspoken Media, covers affiliate marketing, blogging, Internet marketing, reputation management, SEO, and more. Some of her posts include Nike Women & The “Make Yourself” Movement, How To Find Yourself On Your Blog, and What Sarah Palin Doesn’t Get (About Book Publishing).

Follow her @lisabarone on Twitter.

Lisa Irby

Lisa Irby of 2 Create a Website

Lisa makes a living online and enjoys blogging and affiliate marketing. Her blog, 2 Create a Website, covers Adsense, CPC, Blogging, Design, Making Money Online, and Promotion. Some of her posts include What’s Your Twitter RT Etiquette, Google Instant & The Hype It’s Caused, and 7 Ways to Highlight Your Blog Archives.

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Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson on Fitness

Lisa is a publisher of an online fitness magazine, fitness blogger for AOL, and happy almost always. Her blog On Fitness covers fitness, nutrition, happiness, gadgets, and humor. Some of her posts include Managing Diabetes: It’s Personal and Political, Traveling Healthy: 6 Tips to Get There in Style, and The Top 5 Worst School Lunches.

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Lisa Orrell

Lisa Orrell of Promote U Guru

Lisa helps authors, speakers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs improve their branding, marketing, and public relations. Her blog, Promote U Guru, covers book marketing, branding, business tips, social media, and more. Some of her posts include Literary Agent vs Publicist: What Is the Difference, How to Conduct A Virtual Book Tour to Increase Your Sales, and Cool Online Tools to Reach Targeted Media Interested in Your News.

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Liz Hover

Liz Hover of Diary of a Webgal

Liz works as a digital media manager for a film and television training organization, and runs an adorable site dedicated to her Shih Tzu Sadie. Her blog, Diary of a Webgal, covers blogging, design, development, mobile, social media, usability, and more. Some of her posts include I’m a New Smartphone Owner and I’m Scared Sh**less, How Facebook is Taking Over Our Online Lives, and Will Social Networks be the New Broadcasters.

Follow her @lizhover on Twitter.

Liz Strauss

Liz Strauss of Successful Blog

Liz is the founder of SOBCon, brand strategist, and leadership trainer. Her blog, Successful Blog, has a LOT of content and covers analysis, branding, business, community, motivation, writing, and more. Some of her posts include How Do You Stay Connected to Yourself, How to Be Ever Grateful for What You Have, and How to Bring a 2nd Generation of Evangelists into Building a Brand Values Baseline.

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Lorna Li

Lorna Li of Green Marketing TV

Lorna is a social media, SEO, SEM, and personal branding expert, as well as a green marketing enthusiast. Her blog, Green Marketing TV, covers green business, careers, marketing, tech, videos & podcasts, and more.

Follow her @lornali on Twitter.

Lynn Terry

Lynn Terry of ClickNewz

Lynn is a blogger, affiliate marketer, and Internet marketing advisor. Her blog, ClickNews, covers email marketing, Internet marketing, online reviews, blogging, podcasting, affiliate marketing, and more. Some of her posts include How to Promote Products via Social Media, What’s Working Right Now, And What’s Not, and How Specific Are Your Goals.

Follow her @lynnterry on Twitter.

Maddie Grant

Maddie Grant of SocialFish

Maddie is an association / noprofit blogger on building open community online and co-author of the book Open Community (affiliate link). Her blog, SocialFish with Lindy Dreyer, covers association case studies, implementation, mobile, social organization, and more.

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Mari Smith

Mari Smith of Relationship Marketing

Mari is a well-known social media speaker & trainer, chic geek & Facebook passionista, bubbly Scottish-Canadian, co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour a Day (affiliate link) and Relationship Age: The World’s Leading Experts Teach You Proven Strategies for Creating Profitable Relationships in the World of Social Media (affiliate link), and contributor to Social Media Examiner. Her blog on Relationship Marketing covers buzz marketing, email marketing, Facebook, personal branding, professional networking, social media, and more. Some of her posts include Facebook Phonebook – How Safe Is Your Cell Number, Facebook Marketing: How To Balance Personal and Professional, and How To Contact Facebook: A Directory of 120+ Forms.

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Marjorie Clayman

Marjorie Clayman of Marketing Musings and Morsels

Marjorie is passionate about fully integrated marketing, and is a nut when it comes to research. Her blog, Marketing Musings and Morsels, covers marketing, social media, business, and more. Some of her posts include the Heart of Social Media, Musings on Leadership and Customer Service, and Social Media: Some Reminders.

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Mary Jaksch

Mary Jaksch of Goodlife Zen

Mary is a Zen master, austhor, and psychotherapist who loves dancing tango, as well as author of the book Learn to Love: A Practical Guide to Fulfilling Relationships (affiliate link). Her blog, Goodlife Zen, offers practical instpiration for a happier life. Some of her posts include What Are You Grateful For: 12 Questions, What Makes You Whole, and How Motivation Works.

Follow her @mary_jaksch on Twitter.

Mary O’Brien

Mary O'Brien of PPC Strategies

Mary is the go to resource for pay per click advertising with Google Adwords, Yahoo, and Microsoft AdCenter. Her blog, PPC Strategies, covers B2B search marketing, bid mangagement, Internet marketing, PPC, and more. Some of her posts include Write Content that Converts Visitors to Customers, Landing Page Optimization: Why an Ugly Site Can Work In Your Favor, and Landing Page Optimization: Is Your Page Relevant to What’s Going On Today.

Follow her @ppcsummit on Twitter.

Melanie Edwards

Melanie Edwards of Modern Mami

Melanie combines her experience in Information Technology with three years in the e-learning industry to digital marketing and social media consulting. Her blog, Modern Mami, covers balance, blogging, motherhood, parenting, wahm, and more. Some of her posts include Cleaning Rituals and Habits: What Did Your Mama Teach You, Finding the Woman Within the Mom, and Baby on the Way: Preparing for Changes in Work-Life Balance.

Follow her @modernmami on Twitter.

Naomi Dunford

Naomi Dunford of Itty Biz

Naomi is a microbusiness marketing consultant, helping business with fewer than five employees create dynamic marketing campaigns on the cheap. Her blog, Itty Biz, offers advice, motivation, and support for your small business.

Follow her @naomidunford on Twitter.

Naomi Trower

Naomi is a USC alumni with a degree in engineering, real estate professional, mortgage broker, and an Internet entrepreneur who loves blogging and social media. Her blog on Social Media Marketing for Real Estate & Mortgage covers blogging, coaching, Facebook, niche marketing, passive income, and more. Some of her posts include How to Attract Your Perfect Client Online, Top 7 Famous Failures, and 3 Ways to Make Your Inbox Less Daunting.

Follow her @naomitrower on Twitter.

Nile Flores

Nile Flores of Blondish

Nile is a sassy blonde mom, web & graphic designer, and WordPress fan who helps people rock their sites. Her blog, Blondish, covers blogging, making money online, freelance, and more. Some of her posts include Are Donations For Bloggers Acceptable and The Right Way To Leave A Blog After Selling It.

Follow her @blondishnet on Twitter.

Pace Smith

Pace Smith of Connection Revolution

Pace is a spiritual idealist, passionate world-changer, and paradigm shifter. Her blog helps one connect with themselves and with others.

Follow her @pacesmith on Twitter.

Pam Dyer

Pam Dyer of Pamorama

Pam is a marketing professional helping companies leverage social media. Her blog, Pamorama, covers all things social media.

Follow her @pamdyer on Twitter.

Pamela Slim

Pamela Slim of Escape from Cubicle Nation

Pamela is a business coach and author of Escape From Cubicle Nation: From Corporate Prisoner to Thriving Entrepreneur (affiliate link). Her blog, Escape from Cubicle Nation, covers topics to help you escape your job and find your passion. Some of her posts include What to Do When You Have the Funk, Double Your Learning Speed and Cut Your Mistakes in Half, and Make More of the Right Sales.

Follow her @pamslim on Twitter.

Pamela Wilson

Pamela Wilson of Big Brand Systems

Pamela helps small companies build big brands with good design and strategic marketing. Her blog, Big Brand Systems, covers copywriting, design, sales, small business, and more. Some of her posts include Don’t Miss These Business Branding Opportunities, Please Don’t Squeeze the Letters, and 7 Foolproof Design Upgrades You Can Do Today.

Follow her @pamelaiwilson on Twitter.

Patricia Millman

Patricia Millman of Lavender Uses

Patricia wants to share the love of all things lavender. Her blog, Lavender Uses, covers lavender uses in crafts, health, recipes, and more. Some of her posts include Lavender Product Review:The Truth, The Whole Truth, Lavenders: Small Niche Big Ideas, and Lavender Recipes: Flower Power in the Kitchen.

Follow her @lavenderuses on Twitter.

Rae Hoffman-Dolan

Rae Hoffman-Dolan of Sugarrae

Rae is an entrepreneur, CEO, and Internet marketing chick. Her blog, Sugarrae Affiliate Marketing, covers blogging, business, link building, SEO, social media, and more. Some of her posts include There Are No Damn Silver Spoons (or Defining and Achieving Success Online), Creating a Small Niche Affiliate Site, and The Clueless, but “Whitehat” SEO.

Follow her @sugarrae on Twitter.

Rebecca Osberg

Rebecca Osberg of Social Media Boutique

Rebecca is a passionate copywriter, avid blog & fiction reader, motivated small business owner, and 100% organic tweeter. Her blog, Social Media Boutique, covers blogging, business, Facebook, marketing, SEO, and more. Some of her posts include How to Keep Eyes on your Site for Longer, Don’t Bore your Blog Visitors – Give Them What They’re Looking For, and The Follow Up.

Follow her @rebeccaosberg on Twitter.

Robin Easton

Robin Easton of Naked in Eden

Robin is a speaker, musician, nature photographer, adventurer, personal development blogger, and author of Naked in Eden: My Adventure and Awakening in the Australian Rainforest (affiliate link). Her blog, Naked in Eden, covers personal development and inspiration. Some of her posts include Choosing to Love, 16 Brilliant Bloggers with Books, and Reaching Out.

Follow her @robineaston on Twitter.

Rowena Bolo

Rowena Bolo

Rowena is a student of life, information marketer, and social media entrepreneur. Her blog on The Craving Shift covers entrepreneurship and personal growth.

Follow her @rowenabolo on Twitter.

Sandra Foyt

Sandra Foyt of The Journey Mom

Sandra is an adventurer, change agent, and mommy blogger who hopes to inspire life-long learners to change the world. Her personal blog, The Journey Mom, covers activism, parenting, homeschooling, education, and more. Some of her posts include Social Media Lesosns for Teens (and Their Moms) and From SAHM to WAHM: Opening a Bank Account.

Follow her @sandrafoyt on Twitter.

Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee of Always Well Within

Sandra is a writer, personal development enthusiast, changemaker, and mediator who shares practical tips and wisdom to create a happier and healthier life. Her blog, Always Well Within, covers balance, beliefs, conscious living, health & wellness, meditation, and more. Some of her posts include Reflection: Is Attachment Destroying Your Happiness, Happiness Is An Inside Job, and Relfection: Taming the Wild Elephant of Mind.

Follow her @alwayswellwithn on Twitter.

Sarah Arrow

Sarah Arrow of Birds on the Blog

Sarah is the director for SameDay Courier services. Her blog, Birds on the Blog, is a collaboration with 23 other business blogging women. Some of her posts include Meet AIDA, Taking It to the Max, and What’s the Difference Between a Tabloid, Broadsheet, and the Radio.

Follow her @saraharrow on Twitter.

Sarah Perez

Sarah Perez of Sarah in Tampa

Sarah is a technology enthusiast who channels her passion into blogging on different topics, including technology. She spent three years at Read Write Web. One of her more recent projects includes that of TechCrunch Reporter.

Follow her @sarahintampa on Twitter.

Shama Kabani of Shama TV

Shama is the president of The Marketing Zen Group and author of The Zen of Social Media Marketing: An Easier Way to Build Credibility, Generate Buzz, and Increase Revenue (affiliate link). Her video blog, Shama TV, covers business and social media.

Follow her @shama on Twitter.

Shannon Paul

Shannon Paul of Very Official Blog

Shannon is the Social Media Manager of Blue Cross Blue Shield. Her blog, Very Official Blog, covered social media, blogging, publishing, video, and more. Now she can be found blogging by way of her tweets and also on

Follow her @shannonpaul on Twitter.

Shelly Kramer

Shelly Kramer of V3 Integrated Marketing

Shelly is a marketing & brand strategist, idea generator, and creator of buzz & awareness. Her blog, V3 Integrated Marketing, covers Facebook, marketing, social media, Twitter, and more.

Follow her @shellykramer on Twitter.

Sherryl Perry

Sherryl Perry of Keep Up With the Web

Sherryl is a friendly computer geek who blogs common-sense and low cost tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Her blog, Keep Up With the Web, covers blogging, entrepreneurship, Internet marketing, and more. Some of her posts include 4 Tips to Creating Successful Google AdWord Pay Per Click PPC Ads, Is Your Blog Your Business or Do You Blog to Promote Your Business, and Copyright Infringement – What Should You Do if Your Blog Post is Stolen.

Follow her @keepupweb on Twitter.


Skellie of Skellie Wag

Skellie has been blogging for more than 10 years, loves writing, and managed Tuts+. Her blog, Skellie Wag, blogging, freelance, and business. Some of her posts include Getting Better at Bad: Why Practice Doesn’t (Always) Make Perfect, How to Run a Profitable Freelance Business Through Your Blog, and Three New Blogging Tutorials For You.

Follow her @npostolovski on Twitter.

Sonia Simone

Sonia Simone of Remarkable Communication

Sonia is a marketer for people who hate marketing who is creating better customer relationships with incredibly effective communication. She is senior editor of Copyblogger. Her blog, Remarkable Communication, covers business, blogging, communication, and more. Some of her posts include The 5 Lies of Entrepreneurship, The Spooky Secret to Designing Your Perfect Business, and How to Get Rich and Crazy on the Internet.

Follow her @soniasimone on Twitter.


Stacy of Grow with Stacy

Stacy’s true passino is helping people, and has been able to use her training in Psychology to work with children and run a small preschool. Her blog, Grow with Stacy, covers personal development, blogging, and entrepreneurship. Some of her posts include 20 Things I Learned From My Preschooler, Generosity Killed the Cat, and How to Become More Productive.

Follow her @growwithstacy on Twitter.

Stephanie Quilao

Stephanie Quilao of Noshtopia

Stephanie is a health evangelist, spreading information for healthly living and happiness. Her blog, Noshtopia, covers all thing food including recipes, food product reviews, restaurant reviews, and more. Some of her posts include Jillian Michaels and So Delicious Like Our Vegan Pumpkin or Butternut Squash Soup, Real Simple: What I Made With My Turkey Leftovers and The Thanksgiving Feast I Ate, and Semi-homemade: Pumpkin, Portobello, and Spinach Risotto on Portobello Bowls.

Follow her @skinnyjeans on Twitter.

Stephanie Sammons

Stephanie Sammons of Smart Social Pro

Stephanie is an entrepreneur, speaker, author, and coach helping professionals to think creatively and strategically in a wired world, and is also a contributor to Social Media Examiner.

Follow her @stephsammons on Twitter.

Stephanie Suesan Smith

Stephanie Suesan Smith of Information Central

Stephanie is a freelance writer, photographer, vegetable garden blogger, and garden product reviewer. Her blog, Information Central, answers gardening questions. Some of her posts include Mason Bees, Growing Gourds, and Plant Diseases.

Follow her @lambdakennels1 on Twitter.

Tamar Weinberg

Tamar Weinberg of Techipedia

Tamar is a social media consultant & trainer, blogger, and author of The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web (affiliate link). Her blog, Techipedia, covers all things social media and technology. Some of her posts include Invasive or Indispensable: The Case of Permanent GPS, Why Most People Fail in Social Media, and 3 Golden Business Rules for Social Media Engagement.

Follow her @tamar on Twitter.

Tess Marshall

Tess Marshall of The Bold Life

Tess is a life coach who teaches others to live a bold, fearless life and author of Flying by the Seat of My Soul (affiliate link). Her blog, The Bold Life, covers personal development, self imrpovement, motivation, and inspiration. Some of her posts include Life Changing – The Rule of 5, Bob Carlson Shares Wisdom of 90 Years, and Interview with Leo Babauta On Focus.

Follow her @theboldlife on Twitter.

Thu Nguyen

Thu Nguyen of Blogging for Info

Thu is a blogger, optimize, and all around nice gal sharing tips on web usability, blogging, and Internet marketing. Her blog, Blogging for Info, covers blogging, making money online, and more. Some of her posts include 50 Things I Didn’t Know About Starting A Mailing List (But Do Now After Studying Others), 7 Tips For Starting Your Own Mailing List, and Have You Raided the Nearest Blog Lately.

Follow her @thublogger on Twitter.

Thursday Bram

Thursday Bram of The Business of Writing

Thursday is a freelance writer who started out creating resumes for clients and moved onto writing for magazines. Her blog, The Business of Writing, covers blogging, freelance writing, and more.

Follow her @thursdayb on Twitter.

Tia Peterson

Tia Peterson of Biz Chick Blogs

Tia is founder of Webbed Ink Online Marketing and has been working on developing her own sites, sites for clients, and spending a lot of time with WordPress and other blogging platforms. Her blog, Biz Chick Blogs, covers blogging, community, design, promotion, SEO, and more. Some of her posts include 3 Ways to Bring Power to Your Blog, Manage 404 Errors Elegantly with Smart 404, and 5 Ways to Improve Blog Readership With Simple Design Changes.

Follow her @bizchickblogs on Twitter.

Tia Singh

Tia Singh of Your Life Your Way

Tia Singh of Your Life Your Way Tia is a connector, entrepreneur, and life coach who is on a mission to empower smart, curious people who are ready to take inspired action, discover what they want to be, and what they want to do. Her blog, Your Life Your Way, covers brain food, beliefs, being your own boss, entrepreneur interviews, and more. Some of her posts include Your Life Your Way Interview Series # 4: Gideon Shalwick, You’re Good at a Lot of Things, Just Not This, and The Authenticity Paradigm.

Follow her @tiasparkles on Twitter.

Tola Famakinwa

Tola Famakinwa of SEO for Beginners

Tola had not found anything that she was passionate about to blog non-stop on until she became an SEO blogger who wants to share her experiences and learning progress. Her blog, SEO for Beginners, covers blogging, keyword research, SEO, social media, and more. Some of her posts include Tips For Doing Keyword Research, Learning SEO and Things You Should Know, and What’s in a SEO Report.

Follow her @tola_seo on Twitter.

Valeria Maltoni

Valeria Maltoni of Conversation Agent

Valeria is a brand strategist who is passionate about integrating new marketing and communications, developing connections with customers, communities, and social influencers. Her blog, Conversation Agent, covers business, communication, social media, PR, and more. Some of her posts include Is Twitter the News System of the Future, Jumping to Conclusions, and Should You Shift all Your Spending Online.

Follow her @conversationage on Twitter.

Vered DeLeeuw

Vered DeLeeuw of MomGrind

Vered is a professional blogger, social media consultant, and mom. She actively blogs on both her personal site, MomGrind, covering various topics.

Follow her @YummyHealth on Twitter.

Yoon See

Yoon See of Greener Pastures

Yoon See is a full time coach teaching piano, and art. Her blog, Greener Pastures, is a place to share life experiences and artistic creations. Some of her posts include Random Shots from My China Trip, Characters’ Study, and 4th Art Expo Malaysia 2010 V.

Follow her @yoonsee on Twitter.

Zeenat Merchant Syal

Zeenat Merchant Syal of Positive Provocations

Zeenat is a counseling psychologist, spiritual counselor, motivational speaker, naturopaht, and writer. Her blog, Positive Provocations, covers topics for healing the mind, body, heart, and soul with positivity. Some of her posts include The Secret Happiness Weapon, Go Fly Little Girl – The Girl Effect, and How Facebook & Twitter Can Keep You Happily Motivated.

Follow her @zeenatsyal on Twitter.


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