5 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts to Generate More Traffic

This is a guest post by Mark Johnson.

Anybody writing blogs for business purposes will be keen to build a sizeable readership and achieve higher rankings in the major search engines. However, given the amount of online competition it will take some time and effort to realize both of these goals. The tips outlined in this article should give you a head-start when it comes to the online marketing of your valuable content.

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Focus On The Long Tail

You may well have heard that it’s important to deploy keywords in any written pieces that you produce. It may be tempting to use the first terms that come to mind. However it is actually worth concentrating on those relevant phrases which have relatively low rates of competition and search frequency. By sprinkling these keywords moderately throughout your blogs, it is possible to achieve a rapid search engine and web traffic boost. Online tools such as the Google Keyword Tool and Uber Suggest will prove helpful when it comes to the compilation of a comprehensive list. This should be referred to whenever you are generating blog posts in the future.

Optimize For Search Engines And Human Readers

After taking the time to identify a group of suitable keywords you’ll be ready to move on to the writing phase. Although you may be eager to use the industry buzz words, it is essential that you create pieces that read naturally. Keep to one or two of the key-phrases per blog post and employ them moderately in the meta tags and body copy. Anybody who fails to heed this advice is running the risk of search engine penalization and negative reception by the online community.

Top bloggers will take the time to check their posts for grammatical errors and factual inconsistencies before clicking on the ‘publish’ button. They will also create a unique description, including just enough information to capture the interest of potential readers. And it is also advisable to publish posts under specific categories for the purpose of indexing by the search engines.

Use WordPress Plugins

Although there are a large number of blogging platforms, it is highly likely that you will be using WordPress for your business website. This highly effective package comes with a number of features, designed to aid in the process of optimization. The All In One SEO Pack is a fine example which allows you to enhance a post with special tags and titles. You are also encouraged to make use of plug-ins, such as the SEO rank reporter, which enables the tracking of any keywords that you have employed. The SEO Content Control add-on may also prove helpful in the identification of website areas that aren’t fully optimized.

Embrace The Ethos Of Sharing

If you’ve written an absolutely cracking blog crammed with up to the minute information then you’ll want people to read it. You could sit back and wait for loyal return visitors to pay a visit. On the other hand you may harness the immense power of social networking websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Write a short message that generates interest in your post and encourage re-tweets and ‘via’ attributions, for top results.

Switched-on marketers will also use LinkedIn and Google + to publicize their content. These networks are quite business oriented at the moment, and so are ideal for blogs and articles about industry developments. Remember that by using a large number of networking sites you will be able to generate a great amount of link juice. You will also be increasing the chances of online click-through!

Use Pings And Bookmarks To Full Effect

It is likely that you are uploading blogs as a means of increasing the search engine ranking of your website. However, it can take a good deal of time for the Google Bot to make a visit and identify any updates that have been made. Fortunately content curators can alert the search engines to each new post by using a pinging service. However, it is worth installing a special ping optimizer to ensure that Google doesn’t penalize you for making contact each time a post update is made.

In order to increase the exposure of your blog it is also a good idea to make use of bookmarking websites such as Blog Engage, BizSugar, Delicious, and similar networks. These sites will accept all of your submissions, provided they are made in moderation. And if fellow members of the blogging community notice that your posts are being dug, they may well establish one-way website links, which are extremely good for SEO.

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    Thanks Mark for the post!

    Another way to bring traffic to your site is to submit guest post. Instead of writing on your post you can submit some of your post to other bloggers who might in turn can send you good traffic if your post is accepted. From there on we can see a rise in our traffic as people will not only visit our site it but also share the same to their peers & colleagues.

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    Hi Mark,

    I know you shared this with me at Google+, so I wanted to give you my feedback. This is an excellent post and it is nice to read content that digests well in my brain. Easy to follow tips and awesome resources to optimize blog traffic. Anyone that reads this post should heed to your advice. I look forward to reading more of your content in the future.

    To Your Success,
    Stacie Walker
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    Excellent post, Mark.

    Using WordPress SEO plugins is great way to optimize your blog posts. I’m currently using WordPress SEO by Yoast for most of my blogs and it works really well.

    Another great example of WordPress SEO plugin is ScribeContent (by copyblogger media).

    Few more social bookmarking sites – Blokube.com, MySEOCommunity.com & BlogInteract.com
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    Lots of good tips here! Allow me to add another tips: Use for instance Powerpoint and create both a PP-file and a video out of your blog post. Upload the PP to some slide sharing sites like issuu and slideshare.net. The video can be uploaded to youtube or any other video sharing site. Link back to your blog post from these sites.
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    This the best SEO article I have read for a long time. It covers what you need to do and how to target the search engines. I also think targeting long keywords is the key to ranking high. Bit by bit, you can then rank for shorter keywords and eventually start to dominate.
    Sharing is the new mantra, things have changed in the SEO world and embracing sharing is the way to go.
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    Jane made a really great point in her comment above about Long-Tailed Keywords and how, by targeting them, you become more connected with those that are actually seeking out your service or product specifically. I saw that no one had replied to her comment and I really wanted to just take a moment to illustrate what a fantastic thought I believed that to be. While many might see LTKs as an ‘easier get,’ looking at them as a way of attracting laser-targeted traffic to your site is a must more constructive way to go about your link building!
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    Nice Mark,
    I am regular reader of this blog and big fan of Kristi, I never miss any post of this blog, you are one of the my favorite guest blogger, I appreciate for your all tricks and tool which you discussed in this post and some time I implement in my blogging, Keep sharing such a nice stuff and engage more fans.

    Thanks for sharing …..
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